The Cross of Light enlightens the world
and frees the little ones
from the slavery of Rome


Jesus, the Son of the living God, has descended to this Land of Love to free all His little ones, all His sons who have wanted and want to remain bound to His Name, to His Word, to His teachings. Under the sign of Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, Jesus welcomes every son who comes here to ask for Life.

The Son of God, for the Name of Mary, Good and tender Mother, frees every son from many persecutors, frees the hearts of His sons from the burden that others have wanted to put in their hearts, nailing God’s sons to the cross: that cross that deprives men of the dignity, making them slaves and penitents again. In this Land of Love, the Son of God, through His Light, wants to raise His sons again so that the heavy yoke (Is 47:6), that others have put on their shoulders, may become a burden for all those who have used the Name of Jesus, His Word, His Scriptures at the expense of His little ones.

In order to return to live the life of Christ, we must live in simplicity. In order to return to live the life of Christ, we must live the lightness of Christianity. In order to return to live the life of Christ, our heart has to be reborn again (Jn 3:3) and to welcome all that the Father has wanted to carry out.

This is what will be realized in this Land of Love, to the detriment of all those who, still anchored to tradition (Mk 7:8-9.13), will be crushed by the ruins of that city, of that house (Mt 7:27; Jer 4:6) that has sold‑off the Spirit (Mk 3:29), the Spirit of the Father, the Spirit who announces the Truth, the Spirit that makes us free (Jn 16:13).

Nothing has changed since Jesus descend the first time, compared to today. That reality, which was born to renew, has become again the executioner of the little ones (Rev 17:6), abusing all those who turn to the Father asking for help, humanly and spiritually. Times have changed but the methods they use are always the same. Submission and silence. Prayerful silence helps the soul to grow when the heart is targeted to the divine contemplation. The total silence, faced with corruption, faced with all that is a denial of the action of the Holy Spirit, makes every heart a den of the unclean spirit.

Here is that all those hearts that were to transmit holiness, for the mission they received, have failed, bartering holiness with power, to negotiate what they should never have negotiated, thus becoming the architects of the new betrayal that is being perpetrated and has been perpetrated against the Father.

Every tentacle of that house will be crushed, cut off and thrown away. The Spirit of the Father will put every tentacle of that octopus in plain sight so that all those who have abused the Father’s Mercy, will be seen, so that God’s sons will no longer be stifled on the cross but they will be able to raise the Cross of Light so that the Justice of the Father may strike down and win every power. Each throne, as it has been prophesied, will fall. Every power will give way to divine action. Every kingdom that is not founded on the word of the Father who is in Heaven, will fall. Every Nation that has deviated from the divine action, will founder. All those who have annihilated the spirit of brotherhood, being animated by moral and spiritual competition, will perish in the spirit. And this Island of Love will increasingly make every son who will recognize this Mother Land, shine of the Light of Christ (1Jn 1:5).

Jesus, the Son of the living God descended to the Land of Love by the Will of the Father, will restore consolation, to allow hope to be born again in the hearts and become certainty, so that many may feel the living presence of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, who in this Land is. The universality of the Church of Christ will triumph. The message, that this Mother Church transmits to all peoples with love and holiness, will convert every heart again to the Truth of the Gospel (Eph 6:19-20) so that everyone may return to the essentiality of Jesus’ Word which, if transmitted with love, bears fruit and not appearances.

This is what is being born and will be born even more in this Land of Love. These will be the fruits that will allow all those who want to know and recognize the Truth, understand that Here everything is realized and everything is lived in Spirit and Truth (Jn 4:24), because the Scriptures are fulfilled and can be understood, lived, as protagonists and not as mere spectators, not like those who are first used and then thrown away, not like those who are subjugated with terror.

In this Land everyone will be able to live God in Spirit and Truth (Jn 14:17). The name of God’s sons will be written in the Book of Life (Rev 20:12c, 21:27), the Life that will never end, the eternal Life that in Christ, only in Christ, can be lived. This is the path of the sons of God, of those who want to live the absolute Truth that this world has not wanted to understand because clouded by the flattery of the world and by the unbridled and impure passions that another spirit puts in everyone’s heart.

The vexillum of God will shine, on high, and will counteract any anti‑Christian action, every anti‑Christian word. And it will be possible to truly understand and appreciate the Word of this House compared to the word of another house. In this House, holy and divine words; in another house, blasphemous words.

Here is the primacy of the Church of Christ compared to another house that has lost, sold, bartered the primogeniture (Jn 25:34b), debasing the Truth and carrying forward a message of a relative truth.

This Church, the Church of Christ, will never fade. And the Cross of Light, that guides all the peoples, will enlighten the path of the sons faithful to Christ, the one only Way, the one only Truth, the one only Life (Jn 14:6).