The Divine Spirit brings to new life
with His infinite Love


The Spirit of Christ that lives in the Cradle of Love of the Father, on this day blows in the hearts of God’s sons to make grow the seed of His infinite Love in them, that will make them saint, strong and courageous, so to win, with the strength of prayer, over the iniquity, the deception and the apostasy that are alive in another house.

The children of this Land of Love – few People, the few remaining People of Israel – will thus be able to keep the burning Flame of Christ the Lord alive, in their hearts and in the hearts of the men and women of good will.

Now as then, the true faith is attacked and misunderstood, as the same way He was misunderstood (Jn 1:11), the One who, descended from Heaven, was born in the Bosom of Mary Most Holy.

«Sons of God! You all, that have found the true Love in this Cradle of Love; you all, that Here are reborn to new life: persevere in holiness, persevere so to receive the abundance of the Father; persevere with love and faithfulness, keeping your heart faithful to the words of love that the Eternal Maiden has dispensed to your heart».

«Sons of God! Witness, with your life, the teachings of Christ the Lord, the teachings of Mary, the teachings of this Church, because Here, in this Land of Love, you have received life again. By means of your live and coherent testimony, many who are in search of the Truth, arriving in this Cradle of Love and opening their hearts, will find It (Mt 7:8), so to be reborn in Christ and taste the fruits of the Tree of Life (Rev 22:14)».

The weapon of God’s sons: prayer. The weapon of God’s sons: fraternal union. The weapon of God’s sons: living faithfulness.

On the example of Mary, the sons go and bear witness, having a deep feeling of duty and the desire to go and bear witness, by silence, by prayer, by the holy equilibrium and with a true testimony of heart, spirit, of a daily life aimed to follow the Christian teachings, so that the world may recognize the sons of this Church as ardent witnesses of a living Christianity, so that the world may see who the Christians are, the true Christians, who know the teachings of the Master, the one and only Doctrine (cf. Acts of Magisterium, The Doctrine), for everyone to respect It, carrying out and basing their daily lives on the Rock that will never fall: Christ.

On this holy day, the Holy Spirit will overflow even more with His infinite Love, this Valley chosen by God the Father. The Divine Spirit will even more penetrate the hearts of God’s sons who want to celebrate the Christmas of Christ, for wanting to be reborn once again, on this day, in Christ the Lord (Jn 3:3), and so allowing the heart of every man and every woman of good will, to make their own the mind of Christ Jesus (Phil 2:5).  

The Divine Spirit will even more blow to unveil to the world the nature of the spirit that animates the one who unfairly took office at the top of a house, which a time was but now no longer is, for the sole purpose of bringing Christendom to fail.

Iniquity can do nothing to contrast the live action of the Divine Spirit. No one can stop the live action of Christ’s Spirit. The Divine Spirit rises and advances. The Divine Spirit rises and arrives punctually. The Divine Spirit, by the Will of He who is, will cause many knees to bend (Phil 2:10): some will fall, others will suffer, so to bear true witness of the presence of God in the Land of Love chosen by the Father for the salvation of humanity.

Today, on this day of Feast, true Feast for the sons of God, the closeness of the Spirit of the Father is alive, and His care upon every son of God and upon every man and woman of good will, is alive.

«Rejoice and exult, children of God. And do not be afraid. Look, I bring you news of great joy, a joy to be shared by the whole people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord» (Lk 2:10-11).