The inaccessible and inscrutable Mystery
of the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit

Mary is the Woman. Mary is the Purity made Person. The Woman chosen by the Father (Lk 1:28). The Purity of the Father’s grace.

In this Land of Love, chosen by the Father to bring His sons to salvation, Mary, the Immaculate, manifests Her Live and Holy Maternity, that has accompanied Her faithful sons in history. In this Land of Love, the teaching of Mary is alive. Mary, the Eternal Maiden, Her being child in heart, is alive and proceeds in history (Lk 1:48b). She accompanies the Christians (Lk 1:49), Her sons, Her people on their journey, to welcome Christ, the living Bread descended, by the Will of the Father, from Heaven in this Land to make everyone converge to His Heart.

Mary is the One who has conceived, by the will of the Father, the Fruit of the Holy Love (Lk 1:31), the Fruit of the Father’s Love (Lk 1:42), which, through the live action of the Holy Spirit, in this blessed Land is given to every man and woman of good will and to all those who are yearning to know the Incarnated Word (Jn 1:14a): He who, nursed by the Bosom of the Virgin Mary, welcomes everyone to restore order and holiness.

On the day of the Immaculate Conception, the day when the Purity of the Father’s grace is manifested, the fruits of His live Love will cleanse the sins (Psalm 51:11, Mal 7:19b, Mk 2:10; 1Jn 3:5), and will purify the hearts (Ps 51:12); and the live motherhood of Mary will fill, by awareness, the heart of every child willing to live, love and understand ever more the inaccessible and inscrutable Mystery of the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit. Starting from Her live and holy Heart, full of the Father’s Love for His particular grace (Lk 1:30), we can understand the path of Christianity that, born from Her Heart, flows into the Father’s Heart. This is the meaning of the true, pure and holy Christianity, which requires loyalty, love and will.

Starting from Her Immaculate Heart, from Her pure Heart, from Her Holy Heart, we can understand the live action of the Holy Spirit, and through this action, understand the only begotten Son of God (Jn 1:14b; 3:16.18), He who once again is called to gather in the authentic Christianity the people: every son and all the creatures that want to become sons, and so understand the live fatherhood of the Father. A paternity which, in this Land of Love, in the only begotten Son of God (1Jn 4:9), is fully manifested.

Mary is the Mother, the faithful Handmaid (Lk 1:38a), the Holy Bride that every woman must imitate in order to fully live Mary’s motherhood: understand and fully practice It, in order to understand Her delights and Her essence; and so to be substantial part of Her live Love (1Jn 4:16; Eph 3:19).

In this blessed Land, from the Heart of Mary, flow Her honey and Her milk (Num 14:8; Deut 11:8-9; 26:15; Jer 11:5). A milk that pervades the Holy City (Rev 21:2), and which is given in equal measure to all those who sincerely approach, come near to drink and to be filled with Her grace. A strong Heart, a humble Heart, a tender Heart, a simple Heart: this is the grace of Mary. The grace that Mary effuses, by Her live holiness, to allow every son that tastes It, to recognize Her Fruit, the live and Holy Fruit of the Love of Her Son that, by the Father’s Will, is given to all so to reconcile humanity with the Father’s Heart.

Here is the Mother Church, the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2-4).

In another house, which has turned away from Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, there will no longer be joy but weeping and lamentation (Jer 51:8-9). «Flee, Rome, you who have sold off and no longer wanted Her motherhood and Her live protection. You have declined Her invitation to take refuge under Her Mantle, under Her live protection (Rev 18:2), preferring to turn away and take refuge in a human protection (Rev 18:3). Mary, the faithful Handmaid, the Eternal Maiden, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, looks at you and wins over you; She looks at you and crushes you (Gn 3:15, Rev 12:17); She looks at you and proclaims the victory of the God’s sons».

Under the Mantle of Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, take shelter all the people (Jl 4:11-12). Every prayer said with live love, finds foundations in Her heart. And in the live glance of Mary, again re-echoes the live “yes” of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.