The vitality of the sons of the Mother Church


The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is alive. The sons of this Holy Mother Church express their vitality, to allow the world of goodwill to hear their testimony, their presence, their perseverance, and to thank the Father who chose this blessed Land, the White Island, to preserve the pureness of faith, from every stain, from every selfishness, from every indecency, from every sentiment contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Spirit of the Son of God continues to manifest His living action in the hearts of His sons and in all those who are moved by the holy fear of God and revere and bow before the Father and the Son, so to live the brotherhood and to understand even more the grace of being called God’s sons (Jn 1:12; 1Jn 3:1).

Those who obstinately fight and mock the live action of the Holy Spirit, and blaspheme Him by denying and disowning the Work of God and His living presence in the Father’s House, will be condemned for eternity (Mk 3:29). There will not be God’s forgiveness. They will be unmasked in their iniquity and will be deprived even of what they have (Mk 4:25). They will remain naked (Is 47:3), both spiritually and materially, and their iniquity will be manifested (2Ts 2:7-12). The netherworld has prevailed in their hearts and the flame that rises from the abyss will swallow them, will devour them and will consume them.  

Mary, She who is the totally pure, the totally holy, the totally beautiful, will protect with Her Mantle all Her children, all those who rely on Her Immaculate Heart, all those who serve Her who is the Queen of Heaven and Earth, She who is the universal Mother. The Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Michael the Archangel set themselves up in act of protection of God’s sons and will make the deception of the children of the evil one even more manifest. Iniquity can do nothing against authenticity. It will not be God’s sons who have to run to hide themselves. But it will be those who, exposed in their iniquity, will have to flee and hide themselves, because great will be the scourge of the Father (Nm 14:37, see Ex 12:13), who will redeem many hearts, abused and victims of every injustice, of every falsehood, of every slander, of every iniquity.

The Vexillum of the sons of God will be placed on high (Is 11:10.12; 62:10-12; Ex 17:15), and it will shine for its pureness, for its loyalty and for its holiness. It will restore the holy oxygen to those who long to receive it. Those who are suffocating will receive new breath, so to live not to survive. Many hope that none of this may be manifested. Others are sure that everything will come true. And thanks to these few, the action of the Divine Spirit is and will be increasingly alive, and will make the sons of Mary shine, She who has won and will continue to win, so that the Spirit of Jesus, Her Son, may fulfil and submit everything to the Father’s Will (Mk 12:36; Lk 20:43; Acts 2;34-35, Phil 3:21).

The sons of the Mother Church advance and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, fight to complete what is in the Father’s Heart, to defend the action of those who have given their lives to bring the Name of Jesus to all creation (Mk 16:15-16); to defend all that Mary has accomplished, fulfilled and given to this humanity; to defend all those who still want to give their lives for the One who gives true Life (Jn 10:7-18); and not for other religious philosophies or for a new humanism full of an empty goodism that leads away from the true teachings of the Son of God.

The sons of God persevere so that many may soon distinguish what is holy from what is evil: so that they may raise their eyes to Heaven and see the action of the Holy Spirit who will give His Signs (Jn 3:2, 4:48), Signs of grace and justice (Dt 6:22), to manifest to the world of goodwill His living presence in this Home, in this His Abode (Rev 21:3), in this Ark of the New Covenant, renewed in the Love of a Father that is alive, alive, alive, who will always manifest His living presence and who will make His faithful sons lack nothing (Ps 23:1, Lk 12:31-32).