In the New Jerusalem,
Font of the Holy Spirit,
the effusion of the Spirit is continuous and total


The Font of the Holy Spirit is in the New Jerusalem where the Spirit is free and spreads allowing to find the vitality that many have lost, restoring them dignity and freshness. From the corner of Heaven given by the Father to this humanity, the Spirit pours forth to clothe with His Light all those longing to receive It (Rev 21:23-26); all those who hope, live and love so to be warmed by the Light of Christ (Jn 1:9): the Light that draws away the darkness from the hearts and gives to the heart, to the soul and to the spirit, that pure oxygen that allows to live and not to survive (2Cor 4:6); to love and to make known the true Love (Jn 15:13; 17:25-26); to offer the affection of a Father and of a Mother, that has become lost and forgotten by many, and that for many is no longer recognizable.

The Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit will always be recognizable in this Land of Love. And the motherly Love will increasingly pour forth Its candour, to embrace every son, to welcome every son who hopes in Christ, lives through Christ and wants to continue living with Christ (Jn 17:3; 1Cor 15:22).

In the world, “the” Love of God has been lost and subverted with an ephemeral and fleeting love that leaves no trace in the hearts but that consumes them. In the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) Land of Love, the Love is alive, is holy, is Person: the action of the Holy Spirit that issues from the Father is alive and holy and by means of the Son, allows the world to rediscover the one only Truth that saves (Jn 14:17; 15:26; 16:13).

In the New Jerusalem, the action of the Holy Spirit is beneficial, vital and salvific. The Father sends His Spirit in this Place so that no one may feel alone or lost (Jn 14:26). In the Land of Love, therefore, brotherhood is alive (Jn 13:34; 15.17) and alive must be the belonging to the family: the Christian family, founded on Christ, in Christ and with Christ, so to be in Mary, with Mary and for Mary.

By means of the living action of the Holy Spirit, the Christian virtues bring order and holiness back to this world. The New Jerusalem is the Beacon of recognition of the Love of the Father, who through His sons welcomes all those who want to become “sons” (Jn 1:12), through the sanctifying action of the Son of God (Rm 8:14). This is the balm of eternal youth, which allows to become children in heart and thus mature in the true faith, the only faith, the faith in the One and Triune God, who has crossed this world over the centuries. And in this living Tabernacle, the Spirit pours forth again leading this arid and lost humanity to understand that nothing and no one can stop the revealing action of the Father’s Thought, so that everything may return to the origin of His Thought of Father, of Son and of Holy Spirit.

The Son of God came into this world for the first time over two thousand years ago. After His ascension to Heaven (Acts 1:9), the Spirit strongly breathed in the hearts of those that clung to the Son of God (Acts 1:8), that have merged in Him, so to transmit His Love and His teachings to the posterity, allowing to understand the paternity of a Good, Holy, Merciful and Just God (Ps 116:5). Strengthened by this Love, filled with His grace and clothed by the Light of Christ, those first Friends of Jesus, the Apostles, went through the ways of this world: they were appreciated and unappreciated, loved and unloved. They went to meet all those who at that moment the Father sent to them, to transmit Christianity, as the Father told them, arousing in their hearts that longing to make the Master, His virtues, His Person known: conjunction between Heaven and Earth. From being old men they were renewed in His Love, giving their own lives so that everything could be remembered over time and thus able to live the teachings of the Man Jesus, of the God Jesus, of the Son of God.

This is what happened then, arriving, now, in these times, to a continuous, living and everlasting action of the Holy Spirit, which pours forth in totality and beyond measure in this Metaphysical Home (1Cor 2:9-10; 12:13; 1Jn 4:13-14). But the measure is set by the hearts that receive the outpouring of the Spirit, based on their openness and own predisposition. Therefore, the effusion of the Spirit bears fruit on the basis of the opening of the heart of those who receive it (Rm 8:13): at times totally, for the hearts totally willing to accept the action of the Spirit; at times partially, for hearts partially willing to accept the action of the Spirit; at times nothing, for hearts not willing to accept the action of the Spirit.

In the New Jerusalem, the Spirit is alive: those who come with a sincere heart and ask to be clothed by the Light, the Light that saves, will be renewed by opening their heart to His action that gives Life (Jn 6:63). Pentecost is without end in the Land of Love, to help everyone understand the one only universal message that the Father wants: to love Christ with all our being (Mk 12:30; 1Jn 5:1); to love Mary with all our soul, so that each of us, with our own spirit, may understand the life, the eternal life (Jn 3:16; 5:24; 17:3) that directs hearts to live Heaven perennially, for eternity.

This is what this Church transmits from this Land of Love, so to win and to allow to win, so that we all may be living in this world but belonging to Heaven, with our heart turned towards Heaven, so to be able to live and to be true men, true women and true Christians.

One is the Truth: Christ (Jn 14:6). And the Truth cannot be watered-down. The absolute Truth cannot be a personal truth for Only One is the Truth: the One that God the Omnipotent Father has transmitted, transmits and will transmit in Christ, with Christ and through Christ (Jn 4:23-24). Until the world doesn’t understand the Truth, Peace cannot be stable on this Earth. Peace will be stable on this Earth only when the world will want to understand the Treasures of Heaven and only when iniquity will be subjugated and definitively destroyed (2Ts 2:7-12). And the roots of Christianity will never run dry because they are the source of eternal life (Rev 22:2).