Love her pure and holy Heart

Gospel: Matthew, Chap 5, verses 1-12

Solemn Feast of the Nativity of Maria G. Norcia
January 20, 2019
Homily of the Pontiff Samuel


Today our Church is rejoicing. Great Feast in our hearts, in celebrating today the Nativity of Maria Giuseppina Norcia, God’s Maiden who welcomed in Her heart the Mystery of the Child‑Jesus, descended from Heaven into this Land of Love. Born on 21 January 1940, this Maiden of God is for all of us our Mother, our spiritual Mother, the One who spiritually regenerated us in our faith in Christ the Lord, preparing us to accept the Plan of Love and Redemption wanted by the Father for all this humanity.

This Maiden is a great Mystery, a great Mystery of Love. Chosen by the Father for Her pure and holy Heart (Mt 5:8), She has known how to welcome and contain in Her Heart the Love of God, Jesus, the Word made flesh (Jn 1:14), the Love Made Person, so to give Him to all those that the Father sent to Her over time. She really has incarnated all the beatitudes that Jesus taught us and that we have just heard in the Gospel of today (Mt 5:3-11). Her beatitude shines and will shine more and more. This Maiden is truly Blessed, Blessed, Blessed. Her holiness is an example for us, for all of us, Her spiritual sons, and She guides us throughout this journey in remaining on the right path, in these hard and difficult times, so to love and proclaim our faith in the one Lord, who leads us in Truth to attain true Life, eternal Life.

Christians and all the men and women of goodwill who are in search of Truth, will love this “21 January”, will love the Nativity of this Woman, more and more, to celebrate Her who was chosen by the Father for Her pure Heart. Jesus has come down here because here the Father has found a Heart, the Heart, that has been able to welcome Him like no one else. This is why the Father has been able to send a part of Himself again, a part of His Heart, here and not elsewhere. For that pure Heart of Woman has been able to contain the infinite Love of God. She has known how to welcome and preserve Him, so that this Love could manifest Itself to the whole world in the time wanted by the Father. Whoever wants to live the Mystery of the return of the Lord, announced, written and prophesied (Mt 24:30; 25:31; Mk 13:26; Lk 21:27; Acts 1:11; Rev 1:7), has to necessarily seek to deeply live in the Mystery of this Maiden of God and has to deepen the Mystery of Her Heart, chosen by the Father to allow Jesus to return for the salvation of all peoples. This Mystery is unfathomable and inaccessible to human mind; but whoever opens his heart, listens and surrenders to the Father’s Will, lives and will live the Whole, with simplicity, as She has always taught us, by accepting with simplicity, with love, with constancy and perseverance every word that Heaven has revealed Her during Her earthly journey.

The Father has revealed everything to His Maiden. In Christ and in Mary Most Holy, the Father has manifested His Thought many and many times. Here are the revelations of Jesus and here are the revelations of the Blessed Virgin, that have accompanied Her path and Her mission throughout the second half of the twentieth century, to arrive at the dawn of the third millennium. In a revelation of Heaven, this Maiden has been indicated as Her Who has incarnated the synthesis of all the prophets and of the ancient patriarchs, as we have already mentioned several times. Well, this makes us understand that She marks a new watershed in God’s history. Just as John the Baptist was the watershed between the old and the new testament, the Maiden of God, called by the Father to announce the coming of the Saviour and to introduce humanity into the last part of God’s history, manifests Her Essence as Woman of God, called by the Father to prepare us and to prepare His people to re-establish the New Covenant (Heb 8:8) that the Father would have restored and established with this Mother Church.

We, Her spiritual Sons, are now called to bring everyone to the knowledge of this humble Handmaid, faithful Handmaid, above all by our example of life, which must be holy and righteous. This is our task so to make Her known in Her essence and in Her substance.

Only in this way we will be able to make this Woman loved and known by the whole world, so that all Christians and all the men and women of good will may fully appreciate Her every beatitude and virtue, so that many, on Her example, may rediscover the authentic faith, the faith in the One and Triune God, the faith in Christ, the only Saviour, Way, Truth and Life (Jn 14:6).

From this corner of Heaven, the humble Maiden had welcomed every heart that came to receive forgiveness from the Father and to feel His closeness. From this Land of Love, this humble Handmaid has announced the Thought of the Father, awaiting and praying, so that everything would be fulfilled. She waited so long and prayed so much for each of us, who are now here, alive, to express our love and to manifest the purity of Her Heart, so that many, many and many may know and totally love this pure Heart.

The humble Handmaid has welcomed, has listened and has proudly spoken, indicating the Way, announcing the Truth, to receive the Life, speaking in the same way this House speaks: «Yes, if you mean yes» and «No, if you mean no» (Mt 5:37). Her saying was full of Love in full accordance with the Father’s Law. She taught and warned, in Her infinite humility, so that people would know the respect due to the Child‑Jesus, to the Good and Holy Father, so that the true faith could shine: not a watered down faith, not reeds beaten by the wind, but sons, true sons of God (Jn 1:12), who have rediscovered the essence and the substance of being “sons”, not just “creatures” of this Father.

This was burning in Her Heart: allowing everyone to become true sons of God, authentic Christians, who are not intimidated by the first blast of the trumpet, by the first headwind or by slanders and accusations, by the rivalries and the non-holy attitudes of those who, raising their voice, want to intimidate Her sons, the sons of the Father. She continued to pray, and increased Her prayer and Her faith redeemed many more hearts (Mt 21:22, James 5:15). Eminent persons could nothing against Her Heart of Daughter, Bride and Mother. Daughter, for being fruit of the Father’s Love; and through Her obedience to God, many have understood the meaning of the sonship, of being “sons”. Bride, for She married God’s will in all Her life, by saying “yes” and confirming every day Her “yes” to the will of God, marrying It every day, as She taught us in Her live prayer, which She gave us as spiritual heritage: «I love You, Jesus, I love You so much, I rely on You, do not leave me alone. Do with me as You please: may Your Will be done». Mother, for Spiritually generating many sons, we Her sons, who have entrusted and entrust ourselves to Her more and more, to love and live Her only Son, the Saviour of the world (1Jn 4:14), sent again by the Father in this Land of Love.

Here now, from this Home, we, Her sons, Her fruits, on Her example stand up in defence of this Holy Mystery, as She did throughout Her life. And She did so by embodying the virtues of Mary Most Holy, embodying them, one after the other, in Her daily life, making us understand how God loves His sons (Lk 2:14), without distinction, in equal dignity, even between man and woman: equal dignity, albeit with different tasks, on the example of Christ, the Saviour (Acts 5:31; 1Jn 4:14), the Redeemer (Is 59:20); and on the example of Mary, full of grace (Lk 1:28), entirely beautiful, living Temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells, Coredemptrix.

No woman can imitate Mary if losing sight of Humility, if not understanding Sweetness, if not living with Holy Force, if not living in true Simplicity. Otherwise one falls into haughtiness, into arrogance, one lives with contempt and indecency. This we have been taught and are taught by this Faithful Woman, the One who is faithful to Her Lord.

All the women who in these times want to imitate the virtues of Mary, are to look up to this Handmaid, this Maiden, this Woman, to Her example of life. And what seems impossible will become their path. Nothing is impossible to God (Jer 32:17, Lk 1:37).

Christ came down Here to free His sons (Rm 11:26). The Christian resurgence has started from this Mother Land, led by the Spirit of the Father, who came down from Heaven to lead His sons to the complete Truth (Jn 16:13) and to redeem many who have been once again enslaved by this iniquitous and evil world.

This day, the day of the Nativity of this Maiden, marks our re-birth. The day this Maiden was born, a new hope was born for everyone, for the whole world. Until we turn off our mind and open our heart to the will of God and to the plans of the Most High, we will never understand the wonders of the Father.

«Blessed are you all, little ones, that want to remain little for the world for your heart will understand the delights of the Father». «Blessed are you all, for you see the New Jerusalem, holy and live Home, prepared for Her Bridegroom (Rev 21:2-3). Sing the praises of the Most High: blessed are your eyes because they see, your ears because they hear (Mt 13:16) and your heart rejoices in Christ the Saviour».

This is our Feast, which has begun and will never end. The Sun has risen in the Holy City (Lk 1:78) and now it sets in the dark Valley.

A great fulfilment is what we are about to live. Even Heaven and the Creation participate in this marvellous event. Even the Moon (which brings us back to the maternal figure, that of the Woman) is preparing to pay a tribute, to rise and manifest itself in all Its splendour and in all Its beauty, dressing in red to be admired, shining and clearly visible to all those who will want to contemplate the Mystery of the Creator. At the dawn of this 21 January, admire It, look up to the signs of Heaven (Acts 2:19a), contemplate It, so to deepen the Scriptures and understand what is written.

Here the sun has risen. Elsewhere, in the dark valley, it will be switched off, it will become black, it will darken.

To you all, brothers, on this feast day I say: «With fervent love, announce to all the Kingdom of God (Mk 1:15) that is being fulfilled in this Land. Let us announce the Divine Saviour who came down from Heaven in this Land of Love. Let’s continue to love, unclothing ourselves of “self” so to be clothed by the Light of Christ, Light for all peoples (Lk 2:30-32). On the example of God’s Maiden, we welcome all that the Father has dispensed for us, to grow up in our Call, to overcome every enmity, to fight against our “self”, to win and bring to triumph the Mystery of God».

«Let us abandon reason, not to become “unthinking” beings, “non-thinking” men and women, not for this reason, but increasingly to become tools in the hands of God, as She did, for our good and for the good of this Mother Church. Let us strive to love one another as true brothers (Jn 13:34; 15:17; Rm 12:10; 1Pt 1:22), as She taught us. Let’s strive to live as a Church, to oppose all those who want to overthrow this Mother Church. This is Her teaching, which we, Her sons, are now to put into practice». This is for us who already live this Church and this Mystery.

And for all those who do not yet live this Church, who are still anchored to an old tradition, who don’t want to understand and detach themselves from what is no longer in communion with the Father’s Heart – here is the meaning of the Sun, its light that is shutting down – for all of them I say: «Come, do not hesitate any longer, don’t wait any longer. There is a time for everything. The Father doesn’t want to wait any longer. Enter the gates of His Heart. Enter His home in this corner of Heaven, before it’s too late, before the doors are definitively closed. This is the Day to enter and to be able to live the Beatitudes».

«Do not wait any longer, because the Father has no more time. Come, I tell you with love. Come. Today, with love, I address this call to everyone. Come. The Father in His infinite Mercy awaits you. Do not wait any longer. This is what the Father desires, for the sake of all His sons. His signs will manifest. His Justice will fall upon all who have voluntarily betrayed His Spirit, denying the Sacrifice of the Son of God (Rev 18:20). Do not make the Heart of this Father suffer. And don’t let it happen that after having listened to all this, you point your finger at the Father and you curse Him».

«Listen to the cry of this Mother Church, so to be able to live the true Life, in Christ, with Christ and for Christ».

This is the will of the Father who placed His Abode here, who called this Maiden because Her Heart was found pure and holy. This is why He has come down here and not elsewhere. Understand the Heart of this Maiden, love It; and you won’t lack anything. This is a promise that the Father made Her and, through Her, He made us; and that now I make to all those who are listening, so to be able to live, now and always, the Love of Mary, this good and tender Mother, who will never abandon Her sons and will lead everyone to Christ, the One and Triune God, Truth, Way and Life.
And so be it.