The New Jerusalem,
the Corner of Paradise
that unites Heaven and Earth


In the New Jerusalem, the Father has once again given this humanity a part of Himself, a part of His Heart, to give everyone His infinite Love, so that the Love made Flesh may totally reign in the hearts of all God’s sons (Jn 17:25-26; Eph 3:17-19; 1Jn 4:7-16), and thus they may treasure this Love to allow It to be fruitful and so be able to bear fruit (Mt 13:23; Mk 4:20; Lk 8:15 ; Jn 12:24; 15:5-9; 1Jn 3:18-19; 2Jn 1:6): that holy and genuine Fruit, Love, which is true God and true Man in the Cradle of Baby Jesus (Jn 4:25).

To those who love the Cradle of Baby Jesus, to those who live the Cradle of Love, to those who worship the Word of God in the Divine Cradle (Jn 1:1.14; 1Jn 1:1), the Mother Church addresses again Her call, from heart to heart: «Love the Lord your God with all your strength (Psalm 31:24; Mt 22:37; Mk 12:30), to be holy, docile and ready for His Will, to fulfil the Father’s Will that in this Land comes true, so that everyone, on the example of the Maiden of God, may always answer “Yes, I love you, Lord; Yes, I love you, brother” (Mt 22:39), allowing the hearts and the whole world to live His living presence as Father, as Son and as Holy Spirit».  

In the New Jerusalem, you are already living the Kingdom of God. In the New Jerusalem, the Corner of Heaven on Earth, the Kingdom of God is one with Heaven (Rev 21:1-2). Those, who have already experienced It humanely, already now live It in Spirit to make everyone understand the closeness of Heaven and the spiritual dimension that is being experienced on this Holy Mountain: the Abode of God, the metaphysical Abode of God, the Abode of the only one God, One and Triune, Redeemer and Saviour (Rev 21:3).

In the New Jerusalem, there is no distance between Heaven and Earth. In the corner of Heaven where the Father has placed His tent (Rev 7:15) there is no interference. In the New Jerusalem, evil will never prevail over God, the Supreme Good who dwells with His sons (Rev 22:3).

In the Land of Love, an only contact is being experienced, from Heart to heart, from Spirit to spirit, with Christ, living Bread descended from Heaven (Jn 6:51), so to be true men and true Christians, and to live, to love and to experience right from now the delights of Heaven, the action of the Holy Spirit, the living presence of the One and Triune God. And from that day, July 5, 2008, the day of the living obedience, of profound will and of holy union, on the example of the Maiden of God, every son of God and every man and woman of goodwill, are even more able to proclaim with his whole: «Father, make me be as You please». This is the chorus of this Church wanted by the Father so that Christianity may even more ground its roots into the hearts of many and so witness to Christ as true God and true Man (Jn 11:27).

Christ is the Rock that every son of this Mother Church clings and holds tightly to, for being able to receive strength, courage, will, vitality and holiness (1Cor 10:4). Christ is the Rock, the one only Rock, rejected by the world, but Cornerstone in this Church (Mt 21:42; Mk 12:10; Acts 4:11). Christ is the Rock that every man and woman of goodwill can hold onto so as to avoid becoming castaways. Christ is the Rock that will give His help to those who ask for it with a sincere heart. Christ is the Rock that will not allow losing their own identity to all those who, recognizing themselves in Christ and Mary, will find their own identity in the New Jerusalem. Christ is the Rock, the support and certainty for all God’s sons: the certainty that the Father gave in this Land of Love to the Heart of the Maiden of God, so that She in turn could give it with so much love to all her spiritual sons and to all the men and women of goodwill. Christ is the Rock to which She who is the spiritual Mother of all Her sons, has anchored to for not abandoning It ever more.

The Angels and Saints of Heaven, in this Land of Love, ascend and descend the Golden Ladder (Gen 28:12; Jn 1:51), to join those who live on this Earth to be saints, to make the Mother Church shine more and more, so that Her universal message may overwhelm every heart, eradicate every doubt, erase every lie. And in doing so, Mary Mother Church New Jerusalem will be seen, loved and acknowledged more and more, as sign of universal Truth (Jn 14:6).