Become new wineskins
to welcome the Spirit of Truth


Never must anyone lose sight of the living action of the Spirit who proceeds in history. Jesus foretold that there would have been a time when God would be worshiped in Spirit and Truth (Jn 4:23). The time announced then, has now reached its completeness.

The Church of Christ is everlasting and eternal, and the underworld will never prevail over it (Mt 16:18). This is the mystical Body, constituted and animated by the Spirit of the Risen Christ, who will always prevail over the unclean spirit. Here is the meaning of Church, in the broad and only sense. And here is the uniqueness of the primacy conferred on Peter, the Peter constituted and animated by the Spirit of the Risen Christ, guardian of the universality of the message of Christ Jesus. Christ is the Head of the Body (Eph 1:22). Then there are the limbs which form and define the Body (Eph 1:23). Jesus teaches us that when one or more limbs are sick or cause of downfall, they must be cut off (Mk 9:43), so to not compromise the access into the Kingdom (Mt 18:8). The soul, the heart and the spirit of the Church of Christ are all one with the One and Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Jn 6:63), which can never be undermined by the underworld. As long as the limbs remain united and in communion with the Body, they will never die and will bear fruit (Jn 15:5). But when the limbs, as well as the branches, voluntarily want to no longer be in communion (Jn 15:2) with the Spirit of Christ, the true Vine (Jn 15:1), which animates the Body, in order to adore another spirit, foul and contrary to Jesus, they will perish and will no longer be, they will burn in the fire (Jn 15:6) of Hell (Mt 18:9).

This is what happens to those who have voluntarily left the Holy Spirit to worship an unholy spirit. This is what has happened to one of the Courtyards of the Church of Christ, whose leaders have voluntarily and deliberately apostatized from the Truth, betraying the Spirit of the Risen Christ to worship pagan idols, denying Christ and His saving Sacrifice, blaspheming the Holy Spirit, by formalizing that “Pluralism and diversity of religion are a wise divine will” (1Jn 4: 3). In that Courtyard, an unclean spirit, “the” unclean spirit that fought Jesus (Mk 1:23-25) has took hold and prevailed in the hearts of many who should have remained faithful to Christ and Mary, transforming thus that house into a haunt of vipers (Mt 23:33), where God’s honey no longer flows (Dt 6:3) but has become contaminated with the gall of the world (cf. Mt 27:34), so allowing that foul spirit to rule it and suppress it (Rev 18:2), that same spirit that now fights against the sons of the New Jerusalem.

When, by denying the Spirit of Truth, one voluntarily and deliberately apostatizes from the Truth, then he loses the Father’s friendship and the communion with His Heart and then the Covenant no longer is (Jer 33:21).

Before everything would have collapsed and to not disperse the flock of Jesus, there has always been the living action of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Hence the Father has sent again a part of Himself, of His Heart, to this Land. Jesus has come back again as a Child, on a cloud (Acts 1:11), and has been welcomed in the heart of a Maiden so to give back to Christendom and to the whole world, the necessary lifeblood and vigour. In Spirit and Truth, Jesus returns to grow again in the heart of His sons, called in turn to become children in heart, whom, looking at their father and mother, allow themselves to be digged deeply inside by that paternal and maternal gaze, so to be able to understand and assimilate their every feeling and every thought, and to be able to assimilate their every substance; and to be reborn from Above (Jn 3:7) in their essence, continuously, renouncing therefore to their past thoughts and convictions, in order to welcome the good-news renewed in the love of the Risen Christ so to fully understand the Truth.

Thus tradition gives way to the tidings (Lk 7:22), to the good and renewed tidings (1Pt 4:6), so that the circle may be complete again in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, to be united again in His Spirit and to be as one (Jn 17:21), to live God, to live again the uniqueness of the primacy of Peter (Jn 21:15) and the catholicity of the Church of Christ: One, Holy and Universal.

In simplicity and humility, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem will allow to understand the Truth (Jn 8:32), bringing everything back to the origin of God’s thought (Rm 11:34), to the Spirit (wis 9:17), to that spiritual union of heart and soul, which is founded on Jesus Christ, who came down from Heaven (Jn 3:13), and gave His life for the salvation of all (Jn 17:3).

What happened at the time of the passage from the old to the new Covenant, risks to happen now (Heb 8:8-13) to those who do not want to accept the action of the Spirit of Truth (1Jn 4:6), preferring to remain anchored to tradition (Mk 7-8-9.13). Many, anchored to their own convictions, lack the key to truly understand the fatherhood of the Father, His motherhood, His filial part which is One in the Holy Trinity. They can’t always expect to understand the action of the Holy Spirit with their own human criteria of judgment (Rev 19:2), because in doing so they cannot be clothed by the authentic light of Christ.

Many should above all and before all understand the meaning of “dying to self” (Jn 12:24), in order to fully receive the Holy Spirit (cf. Jn 20:22), who opens the heart and mind making the complete Truth understandable (Jn 16:13). One cannot live on blunders, on a glaring light that blinds and that does not allow to go further and be able to look inwards. A new wine cannot be put in an old wineskin (Mt 9:17; Mk 2:22; Lk 5:37-38). He who does not renew himself inwardly and does not truly surrender his will to the action of the Holy Spirit (Jn 3:8) which continuously regenerates itself in history, can never understand the action of the Spirit of Truth (Jn 4:24) who works uninterruptedly over time and betimes, to manifest the Father’s thought.

The sons of God who want to remain faithful to Jesus will follow His teachings and His speaking, so to transmit the Truth, just as Jesus taught and behaved: “Yes” if you mean yes, “No” if you mean no (Mt 5:37). This is the teaching given to us by children (Mt 18:3), by their living simplicity. And this is the teaching of Mary (Lk 1:38), of the simple Mary, who as a mother speaks with simplicity to Her sons, to all those who want to be as children inwards (Mk 10:14) in order to be able to welcome and understand God’s language.

Here is the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, built at the behest of the Father, animated by the living action of the Spirit of Truth who invites everyone to welcome the Mystery of the Child God, descended from Heaven to allow to be reborn from Above, in the Spirit, all those who, dead in the world’s eyes, live to remain faithful to the only King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev 17:14): Christ, Way, Truth and Life (Jn 14:6).