Let’s welcome Christ in our heart
and nothing will be lacking

The Light of Christ (Jn 1:9), Light of victory (Act 26:23), of hope and salvation (2Cor 4:6) shines and will shine ever more in the Land of Love, given by the Father to this humanity. From the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, Tabernacle of the Heart of Christ, the Father offers again to humankind the anchor of salvation (Is 48:8; Lk 1:69.71.77), so to recover, to return to God and to return to live the true Life.

In the White Island where the Father restores the purity of faith, the Light of Christ is alive (Jn 1:4) and shines, differently to a world that, having lost the Way, the Truth and the Life, has returned to live in the darkness (Jn 1:5).

At these times, the distance between Heaven and humanity has increased again for men having abandoned the Way, have gone astray; and in their being no longer able to recognize the Truth, now grope in the dark; and having lost contact with the One who is Life (Jn 14:6), now have become arid and lost. Christ gave His Life so that True Life couldbe found by many (Jn 12:24), by all those who are animated by good will, by love, by the true love.

In these hard and difficult times, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is and will always be close to those who ask for help with a sincere heart.

Aid will never be denied to those who ask to drink the water of the Well of Life (Rev 21:6), that in this Land gushes outdirectly from the Heart of the Father, who has made His Dwelling Place in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:3), the metaphysical Dwelling Place of His living Love of good and holy, merciful and just Father.

Aid will never be denied to those who ask, with humility, to be fed with the true Bread descended from Heaven (Jn 6:51), and to be cradled and cared for by the maternal love of Mary, ever-Virgin Mary, totally Beautiful, totally Holy, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the universal Coredemptrix, so that this humanity may rediscover the taste, the flavour and the fragrance of God’s Love, of the living Bread descended from Heaven (Jn 6:57-58), which appeases the hunger of the soul and the spirit and gives joy and gladness to those who ask with humility and sincerity in heart.  

In these times of trial, God is close to His sons, so that humanity may return to live “the” Father (Ps 52:7), by the togetherness of the living prayer and the holy brotherhood. In the union with the one only Heart that saves, Christ (1Jn 4:14), everyone can reach salvation by putting heart and will (Is 56:1). Salvation is not a “gift” but a daily conquest (Jd3), made with heart and will (Rm 10:10; 13:11) so that, once this has been put in practice, God’s mercy will fill what must be filled and will complete what must be completed, in Christ the Redeemer and Mary the Coredemptrix.

All those who are found holy will be saved. All those who are willing in spirit will be comforted and saved. All those who strive, live and manifest to belong to God One and Triune, will live Heaven. Their soul will be cleansed and saved. This is the true consolation of God’s sons, who yearn for the salvation of the soul. This is the faith of the sons of Christ and Mary, who despite the trial never despair (Col 1:24; 2 Tim 2:10) but face everything with serenity in heart (Ps 130:2) and a live trust in the Lord (Ps 27,7; 70:5; Jer 17:7).

Those who, in the trial, persist in blaspheming God (Job 36:18), in persevering in what is bad (Ps 63:6), accusing and pointing their finger at God, will find the merciful justice of the Father, who will separate the wheat from the weed (Mt 13:30). The good tree that produces good fruits will be recognized and appreciated (Mt 7:17); the tree that instead has lost its lifeblood, that is the Holy Spirit who issues from the Father and the Son, will be made manifest and its rotten and foul-smelling fruits will be recognized and discarded (Mt 3:10; 7:19). Everything will be laid bare. She who has become a prostitute (Rev 17:1), will be stripped naked, plundered and pillaged (Ezk 16:35-39; Rev 18:8). The dogs will eat Jezebel in the Field of Jezreel (1Kgs 21:23; Rev 17:16). Her magnificence will no longer be (Rev 19:2). And the Woman of God will shine even more (Rev 21:2), in the essence and in the substance, manifesting the one only will of God the Father Almighty.

Humanity hasn’t wanted to listen to the heartfelt appeals of Heaven over time and betimes. In the trial, man rediscovers his fragility, his inefficiencies (Ps 68:6). God is Almighty. Man without God is naked again (2Tm 3:1-9). Nothing can be done without the living protection of God. Let’s return to God and nothing will be lacking (Ps 22:1; 2Tm 4:1-5). In Christ and Mary, we can do everything (Phil 4:13).