Sons of this Father

Many people in the world no longer live the authentic meaning of the word “sons” (Jn 1:12). Many hearts no longer live the true meaning of the sonship and the belonging to God the Father, He who created everything and manifests Himself in His only begotten Son (Jn 1:18).

In the New Jerusalem, the Land of Love given by God to His sons, the Father has once again led His sons to rediscover this living, profound and holy bond. The Good and Holy, Merciful and Just Father, wants His sons to deepen this bond even more (Jn 3:16) in order to fully understand His Heart as Father, His Love as Son and His action as Holy Spirit which pours out from the New Jerusalem to radiate Peace, Love and holiness.

The Father accompanies us, His sons, on this living and holy journey. A journey that increasingly enters and penetrates the ways of the world. The more these ways become dry, the more the lymph of God’s sons must bring back life (Jn 17:3), hope (1Tm 1:1) and certainty (Acts 2:36). This humanity no longer lives in the divine and holy certainty, but in the human uncertainty and anguish: an anguish that leaves no room for life but that has led many to try to survive in every way, in the wait of the coming of the total and final death.

Here is the living Christian resurgence in the New Jerusalem. In the Land of Love, God has prepared His people, the Little Remnant of the Israel of God (Is 1:9; 10:22; 37:32; Jer 23:3), that is reborn here and has been purified through the action of God’s Son, and by means of the Maternal Love, will bring back to the world the lifeblood that belongs to God’s sons.

Sons of God! Let the only Rock which is Christ be your certainty (1Co 10:4). Console the hearts and give them living joy, so that the world may see, in the face, in the heart and above all in the words of those who live the Cradle of God, the joy of living Christ, the joy of bringing Christ and the great joy in bringing people to rediscover the Love, the true Love, the Love made Man, the One who manifests and embodies the Father’s Heart (Jn 1:14).

Don’t be troubled by the anguishes of this world (Jn 14:1). Do not let your will to live be extinguished by those who have lost contact with the Father’s Heart and no longer live the dignity and the pride of being sons, in the Son, of this Father. Be proud to be so and behave with dignity (Phil 1:27), just as the first Christians and the first martyrs did, who feared nothing, not even death (1Cor 15:55), which they faced by singing hymns and praising that Son (Mt 21:9) who first gave His life.

This is what the Father is asking us now: to behave and make everyone experience the beauty of being Christians (1Pt 1:6), by bringing the message of the universal hope based on the only certainty that is Christ the Lord, the living Rock of His Heart.

In the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, the Father’s Heart is alive and ready to welcome every son (Jn 12:36) wanting to return to live His Heart (Lk 15:20); It’s alive and ready to lean down towards every son turning all adversities into a way of growing so to win, to win and win again (Rev 6:2); It’s alive and beats with Love for every son wanting to live the Church of Christ, who will make everyone be as one (Jn 17:11) in the New Jerusalem, in the one only Shepherd (Ps 22; Ezk 37:24), who will give Love and Peace, holiness and power, justice and mercy.

Here is the Christian resurgence that has restarted from the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) to manifest the “authenticity”. The simple authenticity (now lost in many hearts) of the sons of this Church wants to lead all those who live by nostalgia, all those who live by tradition, all those who live stuck in the past, to understand that if they do not welcome the will and the plan of salvation of the Father with a meek heart and a humble spirit, they lose and will lose everything (Mt 9:17).

Everything has been revealed by the Father to His Woman (Lk 12:2), She who welcomed Jesus into Her Heart again. By the living humility that characterized Her, She persevered, going on, holding every word in Her heart (cf. Lk 2:51b), so to give and imprint them in the hearts of all Her sons, who are now ready to manifest the Christian resurgence, the resurgence of the sons who have never given up, who never give up and never will give up. The world can do nothing (Jn 12:31) against whoever is animated by the Holy Spirit (Jn 14:16-21). Nothing can they do against God those who, even though humanly strong, already are spiritually defeated (Lk 1:51-54).

We thank You, Holy Father, from the depth of our hearts, (Eph 5:20), now and forever (Phil 4:20; Rev 1:6; 7:12).