The eternal “yes” of God’s Maiden
will give Her sons the eternal victory


On this day of living and holy unity between Heaven and Earth, the Spirit of the risen Christ is alive and wants that all His sons may be permeated inwardly by His word which is life (Jn 1:14), by His Spirit which is balm and by His Love, essence for His sons.

The fifth of July is the day, alive and holy, of the living obedience (1Pt 1:22), of the profound, eternal and unconditional “yes” (cf. Php 2:8); day of profound unity between Heaven and Earth, between the heart of the sons and the Heart of God.

On this day, all God’s sons are called to put the spiritual unity of the Mother Church at the centre of everything and everyone, so that this indissoluble and impenetrable unity may represent strength, courage, will, wisdom and holiness for everyone, so to transmit it and allow it to be lived and practiced. This is the unity that God’s Maiden has transmitted and continues to transmit in profound union with Her Lord, from the beginning of Her mission until the day She was called  to Heaven, the day in which Her “yes” crossed the borders of this Earth so opening Heaven and allowing the action of the Holy Spirit to pour out His abundance of Father, of Son and of Holy Spirit on all His sons.

This is the living and holy union, from heart to heart, from spirit to spirit, to which all the sons of this Mother Church are called, on the example of God’s Maiden, hence to be fully obedient (cf. Heb 5:8), to be one in body and spirit (Jn 17:11), to be completely united with the Mystical Body (Eph 4:4). Her living obedience is the strength of God’s sons. Her living obedience is the enthusiasm of God’s sons. Her living obedience is the will of God’s sons to make live and triumph “the” Mystery of God, which in the New Jerusalem is (Rev 21:3).

Here are the beatitudes (cf. Mt 5:1-12) that She embodied in Her life and that now the sons of the Mother Church want to live in these last, hard and difficult times of the history of God.

Blessed are all those who have remained faithful and tied to the Cross of Christ, a Cross not of death but a Cross of resurrection to new life, to the new life to which the sons of the New Jerusalem are called, not to be burdened by the world but to stand for so to acquire knowledge of Heaven, to live Heaven and to transmit Heaven to all Christians and to all the men and women of good will.

Blessed are all those who have known how to keep the light of Christ alive in their hearts (Jn 1:9.12). No darkness can darken their hearts.

Blessed are all those who have kept their spirit alive (cf. 1Pt 3:18), their soul limpid and their heart candid.

Blessed are all those who have remained clung onto the vine so to become fertile and fruitful branches (Jn 15:5).

Blessed are all those who have continued to pronounce the name of Christ the Saviour (Phil 2:10), so to be saved and purified inwardly.

Blessed are all those who have kept high and proud their gaze to God. These shall never fear.

Blessed are all those who pursue the Good going against the world. God’s sons are to do Good not according to the will of the world but according to the will of God (Ps 39:9), so that they may pass on His goodness of heart and spirit, and make everyone savour the Christian authenticity that overcomes and will overcome all iniquity.

Jesus has come down to this Land of Love to transmit His smile, His gaze, His faithfulness to the whole world and to all the men of good will. For this reason, the sons of the New Jerusalem are called now more than ever to keep the flame of His Love alive in their hearts, so that on this day the sons of the Mother Church may live and see the living action of the Spirit that increasingly warms the hearts of His sons, so that no frost may torment and weigh on them, who with living and holy tenacity, will fight the good fight (1Tim 6:12), keeping the faith (2Tim 4:7) for the triumph of God’s love.

Love triumphs over everything. And the more God’s sons will strongly desire to remain tied to the Love of Christ, the more they will be united and grafted to His Heart, like the branches to the Vine (Jn 15:4).

«Can anything cut us off from the love of Christ? Can hardships or distress, or persecution, or lack of food and clothing, or threats or violence?» (Rom 8.35). «We come through all these things triumphantly victorious, by the power of him who loved us» (Rom 8:37), and by the virtue and the intercession of She who incessantly prays and intercedes with God.