The manifestation of Christ the Lord,
true Man and true God

In the Epiphany, Jesus manifests Himself to the world. And the more the world will be able to understand Jesus as true God (1Jn 5:20), the more it is able to understand Jesus as true Man. The more it will understand Jesus to be the Friend (Jn 15:15), the Brother (Eph 4:12-13) and the Master (Mt 23:10), all the more it is able to understand how His humanity is united to His divinity. Through this understanding, it will be even more possible to live His Love which is constantly at our side and daily gives us His living closeness which are the essential weapons to conquer the world, on the example of the Apostles, the Saints and martyrs, who have conquered the world by clothing themselves with the grace of God (1Pt 5:5), by clothing themselves with the Spirit who is Life: that life that cannot be understood by those who do not want to open their hearts nor be acknowledged by those who do not want to open their minds. Those who do not raise their heart and do not allow their spirit to rise, will never be able to be born again from Above (Jn 3:7).  

God’s sons are called to overcome by Love the indifference of the world; to overcome by Spiritual Will the inveterate humanity which is increasingly moving away from God; to overcome by the weapons of brotherhood and peace every hatred and disaffection, every war and enmity. God’s sons are called to bring everybody back to the essence of life which is Christ, that no one will ever be able to efface, since Christ is Man but also God (Phil 2:6-7). By understanding His being Man, everyone will understand He who is Eternal Life (Jn 17:3).

All what has been experienced in the past will now be lived again. Once again, the Father has wanted and wants to heal His Church. And this work of rebuilding and reestablishment is continuous and will continue, starting from the foundations, from the Rock (Mt 7:25), which is Christ, His Spirit, who has come down to the New Jerusalem to be placed again at the centre, that centre on which to build the Body and thus all the limbs (1Cor 12:25).

In this Land of Love, the Christ’s Birthplace, Jesus has once again asked to rebuild His Church starting from the inside of Christian universality, so to not squander what has past but rather to deepen it and make it loved, known and lived, in the essence and substance, in its humanity and in its spirituality, because God seeks spiritual animators and worshipers in Spirit and Truth (Jn 4:23), those who love His Son and love Mary, His and our Mother.

This is the will of the Father who, in time and betimes, has once again taken action, for having seen, by His all-seeing Eye, the estrangement of the world from all that was God and all that was Spirit, and so should have remained. The Spirit of God, the Love made Man, and Jesus’ Commandment “love God and love your neighbour” (Mt 22:37-39), are no longer lived in the Courtyard of a House, that once was but that now no longer is. They no longer live Christ and His Word as the only supreme Good; they no longer live the fraternal love, but the unbridled and limitless selfishness. Over time, churches and huge cathedrals have been built but empty of the Holy Spirit that should have been contained in them. And another non-holy spirit, that is lewd, worldly, lustful and bearer of every sin, has taken over many of the hearts of who should have had to remain holy (Rev 18:2).

In the Heart of the New Jerusalem, Jesus has grafted His Church, the nascent Church which would have once again led all God’s sons to salvation, the only salvation, to bring to everyone once again that essential Bread which does not distance from God, which does not put distance between the sons and the Father: Christ (Jn 6:51), the Bread that the Father gives to allow His sons to come closer to Himself, so to guard them, to love them, to make them feel important, giving them again the dignity that every prince should have.

The sons of God are princes (Ps 112:7-8), not servants to be kept in the ignorance and bound and subjugated by heavy yokes and sturdy chains (Mt 23:4-7). In the Land of Love, the Father has given His sons one only tie: that tie of Love which, through Mary, binds the sons to the Son of God.

Here is this unique intertwining of Love that gives enthusiasm to the Church of Christ, timeless and eternal (Mt 16:18). Once again, a material Church has been built in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), so that everyone may understand the might of the spiritual Church, that Ark (Heb 11:7) which leads the sons to salvation, not in appearance but in true and holy Truth. In the Land of Love, the Father stretches out His hand to let each son enter, to bring each son to the true knowledge of His essence and His substance.

This is what is lived in this Church, and will increasingly be lived the more the Nativity of Christ will be alive in every heart, every day: not just only one day, so to be able to be born and reborn every day (Jn 3:4-6) , surrendering our will to the Spirit and letting ourselves be clothed by His Light (Is 60:1).

Therefore, all treasures of Heaven will be discovered and understood, for having been placed by the Father in the New Jerusalem, the place in which is kept the only key that opens His treasure chest, His Heart, where everything is written and everything is (1Cor 2:16).