The teaching of God’s forgiveness:
not a claim but a conquest


In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem dwells the Spirit of Truth (Jn 15:26), Who came down to bring everyone to be part in the Truth (Jn 4:23), so that the complete Truth (Jn 4:24) may always be alive in the hearts of the sons of God and welcomed by those of good will.

The New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) is the Home of true faith, of true Love, of the true freedom in He who can do all, in He who makes us free, lovers of Truth (Jn 8:32) and inwardly holy. In God’s Home, the sons are called to keep holiness alive and to be the expression of the holiness of Christ the Lord, so that the universality of the Christian message may cross every border and break down every barrier.

The New Jerusalem is the Land chosen by the Father, the place where God dwells with His sons (Rev 21:3), that holy people ransomed with Love (1Jn 4:16), with constancy and holiness, so that many may understand the truthfulness of the message rising from the Dwelling Place of God (1Jn 3:24): the message of eternal salvation (2Tm 2:10) that is a paradox for many but that is and it will be Life for the saints and believers in Christ.

Whoever wants to attain salvation is called to break away from all those who are fallen prey to vice (Wis 4:12), from all those who have made vice their way of life; from all those who are fallen prey to so many revelries (Rm 13:13) and have forgotten the final destination of the earthly pilgrimage to which we all are called (Jn 3:36). Whoever will persevere in following the route of the pilgrimage of earthly life (1Pt 1:17) with love, will and holiness, will live the final, endless, eternal goal (Jn 3:15-16).

In the New Jerusalem, the Father has placed the main door where to enter and reach the final destination. A door not wide but narrow (Mt 7:13-14). Those who wish to enter must leave their own “self” out, with all that it concerns (Lk 13:24). Those who wish to enter and take part in the eternal banquet are called to renew themselves, in their heart, inwardly, in their souls, to allow themselves to be cleansed (Ps 50:4) and ask the Father’s forgiveness for their faults (Lk 15:21). Not a teaching steeped in hypocrisy (Mt 23:23-24) but a true and total teaching: to forgive in order to keep on walking the journey; to be forgiven by manifesting sincere repentance, to be welcomed by the One who is life, who gives life and gives it forever.

Woe to all those who use forgiveness for mean and hypocritical purposes (Mt 18:32-35)! They will not be forgiven but their load of sins will increase. Forgiveness means understanding the fault. Therefore, being filled with wisdom and clothed with the sapience of God, the sincerity of that sentiment will be understood, in order then to forgive (Lk 15:32).

Forgiveness too must be an achievement; and not a claim (Lk 15:18-20).

In order to be forgiven, we must all be in the condition to receive forgiveness. However, as Jesus teaches, the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven (Mt 12:31). Faults and sins against the Holy Spirit, against the Work of God and against His Person will not be forgiven (Mt 12:32). This is the merciful justice of the Father, which is manifested through the teaching of the Son and the living action of the Holy Spirit.

The appalling abomination (Mt 24:15) has taken the upper hand in a house which now teaches that everything is due and that everything is and will be forgiven. But God’s Truth (Jn 14:17) teaches instead that man cannot live by showing and doing whatever he wants however thinking to be easily forgiven. The Father’s eye sees everything and His ear hears everything. The Father has granted freedom to humanity which, in these hard and difficult times, has even harder minds and hearts than in the past (Gal 5:13; 2Pt 2:19). But now, as then, humanity will be judged according to all what it has done, whether having done good or less good things (Rev 19:11).

This is God’s forgiveness that no one will ever be allowed to use for personal gain (Acts 5: 31-32). Everything can be done before man: lying, deceiving and saying falsehood, or putting the Truth into practice. But before the Almighty Father, who sees everything and knows everything, nothing can be hidden (1Sam 2,3). And every mountain of hypocrisy will be moved, lowered and demolished (Mt 17:20). And the sons of God will be able to live in the complete Truth, to bring as protagonists the plan of Love and Redemption to completion which is fulfilled and will be totally fulfilled in the New Jerusalem (Jn 16:13).