Life has blossomed from the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Remain in her love

Gospel: Luke, Chap 1, verses 26-3

December 8, 2021
Solemn Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Beginning of the Liturgical Year 2022
Homily of the Pontiff Samuel


God’s Word sprouted from the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Lk 1:30-31; Rev 12:5). The Love made flesh has come down from Heaven (Jn 1:14) so to incarnate in the pure Heart of She who by the grace of God is preserved from original sin (Lk 1:28) to give birth to the Saviour (Lk 2:11), so that the light of His Love could illuminate all the peoples and give Life (1 Jn 1:1) to those who died to the world, vanquishing death and sin (Rm 6:11.22), so to dwell eternally in the Holy City (Is 52:1), the Place where the Father has grafted His Tree, that Tree of Life depicted by the Apostle John, as being «placed in the middle of the town square, placed on either bank of the river, that bears harvest and produces fruit twelve times a year, once each month; and the leaves of which serve as medicine for the nations» (Rev 22:2).

The ever-living Tree has sprouted through Mary (Rev 2:7). Those who want to be gathered in this Fold (Mic 2:12), for they will acknowledge the voice of the only Shepherd (Ez 37:24) who gives Life (Jn 10:11), will be healed and saved for eternity.

Christ the Lord will shepherd God’s Flock (Jn 10:16), the prophesied and awaited Few Remnant People of the Israel of God (Is 10:20), to allow the Father to carry out His Plan of Love and Redemption for this humanity (Jer 31:7).

This Remnant, little and insignificant at the eyes of the world but great and precious at God’s sight (Is 28:5), will grow in number and in holy strength (Jer 23:3), in living faith (Mt 21:22), the more It will be able to remain grafted into the pure and holy Heart of She who generated It (Wis 7:24-26): Mary, the obedient daughter who let herself be the Handmaid of the Lord (Lk 1:38); Mary, the Bride (Lk 1:35a), She who espoused the Father’s will thus becoming Mother by God’s grace (Lk 1:35b), Mother of God and Universal Mother (Jn 19:26-27a); Mary, She whom the Father has crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth and whom, by the grace conferred Her by the Almighty Father, has the power to save (Gen 3:15): Mary, the Universal Coredemptrix (Lk 2: 34-35).

Beloved children and brothers, the more you manage to remain grafted into the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the more the Father’s grace will dwell in you (Ps 35:8) and will continue to flow copiously and abundantly in your hearts so that you, on the example of Mary, may be unclothed of your humanity and by grace be clothed of divine nature (Ps 83:12), embracing and incarnating it as the Maiden of God has done.

This is the time in which every single believer must live responsibly his or her call, as a sign of human and spiritual maturity (Gal 5:13). Each one of us is called, even more from today, on the example of Mary and in the light of Her teachings, to manifest spiritual continuity and maturity (Eph 4:13). No longer simple faithfuls but upright men and women, authentic Christians, adult in faith, sage and wise in their behaviour and in their speaking who, with holy balance, manifest their belonging to the Mother Church, expression of Mary and of her Immaculate Heart (1Pt 1:15-16).  

This is what we all are called to do from today, at this beginning of the new liturgical year, so to become “new”. Today, be just as Mary is (Lv 20:7). May today be the new beginning of the journey of your human and Christian life. Today the Mother Church takes you all by the hand, to begin a journey of a pure and holy change, entrusting everyone to Mary, to Her Immaculate Heart, so that every bond with what is world and sin may be cut away and burned (Mt 7:19 ; 18,8-9), so that the living Flame of the Father’s Mercy (Tb 3:2) may burn every impurity, may cure and cicatrize every wound (Ez 36,29), to restore vigour and warmth, purity and holiness, vitality and living desire to serve and love Christ and His brothers (Col 3:5; 1Ts 4:7; James 1:21), Mary and Her Church.

Unclothe yourselves of your old self and clothe yourselves with divinity (Jn 3:5). On Mary’s example, allow yourselves to be cloaked by God’s grace, imitating and embodying the virtues of She who has made Herself the Handmaid of the Lord for love (Lk 1:48a), loving God and Her neighbours (Mt 22:36-39). Take refuge under Her mantle and be radiant with Her light, just as the twelve Stars crowning and adorning Her Head (Rev 12:1), those twelve Stars that are reminiscent of the twelve Tribes of Israel (Gn 49:28; Rev 21:12), the twelve holy Apostles (Lk 6:13), the twelve columns (Rev 21:14) holding-up this holy Temple dedicated to the infinite Mercy of God, those twelve columns covered with pure white which is reminiscent of the purity of Mary, surrounded by the gold of Christ’s royalty. These columns will support all those who want to welcome and become a temple of the Holy Spirit (1Cor 3:16; 6:19), remaining anchored to the true Christian and Marian faith, so to spread to all the only Love that saves (Is 62:1), the only Love that is Life: Christ, the One and Triune God (1Jn 4:9).

In this awareness, dear children, brothers and sisters, know how to love one another with a new Love, the Love which is Life (Jd 21); allow the mutual and universal love to freely circulate, because from the love that we will be able to give one another, we will all be recognized as the children of Christ and Mary, as the children of Love (Jn 13:34-35; 1Jn 3:16).

Christ is Love, pure and holy, who dwells in Mary (1Jn 4:16), the pure and holy City, Mary New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) that the Father overflowed with His grace, generating Her in Love before Time was, generating Her in His thought of Almighty Father, the Omniscient and all-seeing, by choosing Her from among all women (Lk 1:42) and by preserving Her from original sin. Here is Mary Immaculate. Here is She who is full of grace, the Love that contains the infinite Love; She who was called up to welcome the divinity into Her virginal Bosom, has received and incarnated It, becoming one with It, letting Herself be cloaked and steeped by the grace of the Father, who totally gave Himself through Her who totally gave Herself to Him (Lk 1,35), in an intertwining of pure and holy Love, just as pure and holy is Her Immaculate Heart.

Here is the mutual correspondence of Love between the Father and Mary. In Mary, the grace of the Father was able to do everything because Mary let Herself totally be guided by Him, becoming thus a docile tool in the hands of the Creator (Lk 1:46-49).

This is the current and living example for everyone and, in particular for you, beloved young people who love Jesus and want to totally imitate Him (Mt 11:29). The more docile you are to the Almighty Father’s will, the more He will be able to avail of you as He pleases (Jn 9:31), filling you with His grace, just as He did with this Maiden, Maria Giuseppina Norcia, who has behaved and prayed entrusting Herself to the Father for Her entire life saying: “Do with me as you please. May Your Will be done” (cf. Mt 6:10). Maria Giuseppina Norcia humbled herself completely to allow the divine Child descended from Heaven, to become incarnate in Her heart, letting herself be moulded by the grace of God, letting herself be filled by that grace which is Love, becoming one with the Love descended from Heaven, enclosing and guarding It in Her pure and holy Heart, so then to give it freely to all those whom the Father would have sent and entrusted to her (Wis 3:9) over time and betimes. Therefore, being filled with the Father’s grace, She succeeded, through the work of the Holy Spirit, in generating the Love for Christ the Lord in the hearts of many young people who, like you, have come here to meet the Love made Man (2Cor 13:13), to live the fulfilment of the promises of God the Almighty Father (Is 11:1-12), which in the New Jerusalem are now being fulfilled in totality (Rev 21:3-4).

Beloved young people, if you want to win, just as Mary won, you must clear your heart of every impurity (Eph 5:3). Be humble, docile and obedient to the Father’s will (1Pt 1:14). Accept it and love it more than your own life and nothing will lack. Trust in the Father and entrust yourselves to Her who is Mother (1Jn 3:21). Have above all the desire to embody the purity of Her Immaculate Heart (Ps 50:12; 72:1). Today is the day to invoke Her grace and Her blessing, with the certainty of receiving and obtaining it. Be pure and ready, alive and holy (Prv 22:11). Imitate Her who is totally pure. The more you are obedient, the more you will be pure. The more you are pure, the more you will be humble, docile, ready and alive in doing God’s will. Only those who are pure at heart can love God, seeing Him and contemplating His countenance in totality (2Tm 2:22; 1Pt 2:2). Only those who make themselves be little for God’s love can contemplate the delights and understand the treasures of God (Rev 19:8): to be little in the eyes of the world but great in the eyes of the Father (Lk 10:21), the only Source of Life (Jn 1:4), the only Source of Love (Jn 15: 9), to manifest themselves as true men and women, authentic Christians, manifesting with docility the true faith, manifesting the true love for God and for their brothers (Mk 12:28-31), in order to be able to imitate the union existing between the Mother and the Son, between the Son and the Mother (Jn 2:4-5), which is the highest expression of the true brotherhood willed by the Father. This is a concept of brotherhood that humanity will never be able to understand and accept, but that those who allow themselves to be filled and renewed by the Holy Spirit (1Jn 3:24) will not only understand but will live, appreciate and contemplate it in fullness.

This means understanding and living the Kingdom, seeing it realized in its splendour (Is 9:6; Mt 13:43), to manifest on Earth the host of saints who, in union with the saints of Heaven, form the Army of Mary, Her militia, made of hearts and holy souls who want to bring the love for Christ back to the centre of everyone’s heart and to the centre of everything (Rev 11:17; 19:6).

The Archangel Michael is ready to advance with His militia. At the command of God, Michael will strike and destroy all what is sin (Rev 12:7-9), the city symbol of idolatry (Rev 17:5) which has waged war against the Holy City and her inhabitants (Rev 18:21). With them will fall those who have fornicated with it and who have been willingly complicit in doing what is evil in the eyes of God (Rev 17:2; 18.9).

Other stars that are no longer shining will fall (Rev 12:3-4a). And their fall will cause a stir and uproar. Many will be the exiles and the castaways, the displaced people who will no longer have a home (Rev 18:4). You, beloved children, brothers and sisters, be ready to welcome, by the virtue of humility (Phil 2:3) and of charity (1Cor 13: 1-8), these exiles and refugees of the spirit (Rev 19:9; 20:6) in this White Island, the abode of Love, where the purity of faith is and will be preserved. In the same way as you have received freely, so freely give: give love, be at their service (Jn 15:17) and with all your strength, ward off the temptation of wanting to take up the chair (Rm 12:10), because having received the call to work in the Vineyard of the Lord at the first hour, or at the third, or at the sixth, or at the ninth hour (Mt 20:1-8). Behave as true brothers, have charity and love and leave to the Spirit, who is Christ the Lord and who dwells in Mary, the task of guiding and teaching those who here come (Jn 16:13).

Give love, be love, infinite and total love, so that we can all be one in Christ the Lord (Jn 17:21-23), one Body made up of many limbs (Rm 12:4-5) active and working, humble and joyful to work in the Father’s Vineyard (Jn 15:1), eager to imitate Mary, the Eternal Maiden, in perfection, to bear much fruit (Jn 15:5), wanting to incarnate one by one all Her virtues (Mt 5:3-11), to be found perfect and thus to be filled with the abundant grace of the Father, and to become, by grace, as She is.
And so be it.