The Feast of the feasts


Blessed are you who have listened to the announcement of salvation of the Maiden of God. Blessed are you who have believed and live the New Jerusalem, where the announced and so awaited “God‑with‑us” dwells and walks with His sons (Rev 21:2-3). Blessed are you who believe in the fulfilment of peace that the One and Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, will make be experienced in the Land of Love given to His faithful sons (Mt 13:43).

Here is this Feast, the Feast of the Feasts, the Feast of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, who through the Mystery of the Child Jesus, wants to make Himself known and loved, as true Man and true God, in an infinite intertwining of Love, of Spirit and Life (Jn 6:63).

Here is the Feast that joins Heaven to Earth, allowing Jesus to live in us and us in Him (Jn 15:4). In Jesus live and will live all those who embrace and love Life, sign of the Father’s Goodness (Lk 1:78) and of His fatherhood, who accompanies the Son so that the sons may make Him live in the heart of those who yearn to receive His Holy Spirit.

Here is the saving action that from the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, Heart of the Father, advances to purify, to cleanse and to allow many to breathe, all those who want to be immersed in the Font Source filled with the only begotten Spirit who gives Life (1Cor 15:45), giving it to the full.

Alive and triumphant will be the universal message of the Mother Church, of the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, the inexhaustible Source of the Father’s Spirit, who advances and acts to unite and to divide, to love and to allow to live, to love and to distance; to love and to hold tightly to Himself all those who, in loving the Son, will love the Father (Jn 5:23); and in loving the Father, will love She who generated the Son, the living Tabernacle of the Fatherly Spirit.

Whoever takes refuge in Mary, already lives in the Heart of Christ (Lk 1:28); whoever believes in Mary, will receive the grace of the Son of God for eternity; whoever wants to embrace Life in Mary, will receive it for ever.

Whoever will recognize the Son of God descended from Heaven in the Little Cradle (Acts 1:9-11) to lead all to salvation, will receive a hundredfold in this life and then the eternity (Mt 19:29). Whoever accompanies the action of the Spirit who is the source of the Son’s Thought and the Father’s Will, will be called to bear witness to the Truth, because the Truth sets man free, free and not stifled by sin (Jn 8:32). There will be a repulsion against sin and with holiness it will be turned away the more one will live in the scent of God’s treasure.

All those who, on the day of the Feast of Feasts, will ask with a sincere heart for the Spirit of sapience and wisdom, will be called sons of the Son of God, bearers of Light and Truth, bearers of He who is, because His Name is salvation (Lk 24:47; Acts 4:12).

The Holy Spirit blows and will blow on the House of Christians, on the Church willed by the Father and animated by His Holy Spirit, to radiate Light and Truth (Ps 42:3; Eph 5:9); so that the sheen of the splendour of Christ may be manifested and radiate in the world; so that the whole world may see and believe in the Source of Light placed by the Father in this world, compared to an apparent glow of light that burns the world by illusion, withering the hearts and destroying the nations.

«Be converted, oh world, and believe that salvation is born here. The New Jerusalem is the anchor of salvation, where the sons of God are anchored on the rock» (1Cor 10:4).

The Land of Love will manifest the essence and the fullness of the only faith (1Tim 1:14).

And all you, peacemakers, invoke His holy Name to receive grace (Mt 5:9).

And all you, who have true faith at heart, sing hymns to He who is (Gal 3:26).

All evildoers will savour the true meaning of God’s justice (Lk 13:27), for their thoughts, their conflicts and their rivalries will be burned by the Fire of the Divine Spirit (Mt 5:22).

Here is the authority of Christ the Lord: His Work and His Person. Whoever believes in this will be saved; whoever is incredulous will be lost (Mk 16:16).

«Believe and love, believe and live, believe and honour God who is in this Cradle and is in our brothers (Jn 12:36), who are expression of the will of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, for grace has descended and descends in the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus, where the Word made flesh, the only begotten of the Father, He who is full of Grace and Truth (Jn 1:14), came down from Heaven to bestow the breath of Life (Jb 33:4), His breath of only begotten Son, who was born from the Father and who wants to bring everyone to the Father, so that in the new Eden they may live, love and savour from the Tree of Life (Rev 2:7), in fullness: the Tree, centre of the Father’s Heart, where Life is, and where its branches are luxuriant and holy (Rev 22,2)».