The fishing of God


The Little Cradle of the Child Jesus is the shelter (Ps 60:5) and the support given by God the Almighty Father to all people of good will in these hard and difficult times.

Here is the sea of God (cf. Mt 4:13-16), which is opposed to the sea of the world (Is 27:1; Jer 51:42; Rev 12:18). A peaceful, calm and clear sea, where all the new Christians can swim free and far from the turbid and agitated waters of the sea of the world that is fallen prey and at the mercy of an unclean spirit.

This now is the fishing of God’s sons: to go and to fish (Mk 16:15-16), so that many hearts may return to Life (Jn 3:7) and understand the Light of the Son of God that radiates, warms and purifies.

Everything now returns. At that time Jesus said to his Apostles: “I will make you fishers of men” (Mt 4:19). Initially, those first friends did not fully understand Jesus’s invitation to them. But those who let themselves be moulded by the Love of the Master, becoming docile to his will (Is 1:19), understood well what the substantial fishing was that, from that moment onwards, with the help of the Divine Spirit who is Life, they would have had to seek and search for.

Now, as then, the new disciples of the Master must return to ply the waters of this world to bring everyone into the sea of ​​God (Mt 28:18-20), so that many may be saved and live for eternity.

And so it must be now. In the last fishing of this last time, once again the Lord welcomes every fish that will let itself be caught by the Love of God, so that it may acknowledge the Truth (Jn 16:13), the true meaning of loving God above all things, of being able to love all neighbours as themselves (Mk 12:33), so to see and touch firsthand the difference between loving and persecuting; the difference between God’s world and a world that is extraneous to his will (Jer 13:10): a world that has allowed itself to be demeaned by dynamics that lead far beyond the true divine understanding.

And here are now peoples against peoples; brothers against brothers; nations that want to override the right of life to others. And in so doing, the world falls lower and lower, never to rise again. Here is the abyss (Sir 21:10).

On one side, the light is about to go out, without having the possibility of turning on again that switch that gives Life. On the other, rivers of souls arrive at the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus: rivers of Love that lead and will lead more and more people (Jer 31:9) to the Island (see Rev 1:9) that is White (Ex 24:10), that is detached from the world but anchored in the true world that is the Father’s Heart (Jn 10:30), grafted in She who let herself be moulded and has become the pure Masterpiece, the most beautiful Work: Mary (Lk 1:27b).