The privileged Altar of Christ


The Little Cradle of Baby Jesus is the privileged Altar of Christ, the Altar of the world, the Place where Christ the Lord manifests Himself as true Man and true God (1Jn 5:20). From His Altar, Christ raises every heart that wants to be as one with His Heart, to understand His delights and to acknowledge His Essence and His Substance as Man‑God (Jn 10:33-38).

In this Little Cradle, Christ the Lord becomes Bread and Wine, Bread and Blood, inexhaustible Source of the Father’s Love (Jn 6:53-54).

At His Altar, Jesus welcomes every prayer, every request and every sacrifice (Ps 16:1) that are offered with love and a sincere heart (Ps 50:8), to thus contain everything in His Holy Chalice and raise all to the Father, for the triumph of His Church (Mt 26:28).

From this Little Cradle, Jesus raises His sons to His glory, so that they all may take part in Christ, may be in Christ, with Christ and for Christ and live in communion with His Spirit, from heart to Heart (Rom 12:4-5).

Here is the Altar of the victory of God’s sons, on which the world, that has not accepted the Will of the Triune God (Rev 8:5), will undergo the sacrifice and will be crushed by the power of the Redeemer and of His co-redeeming martyrs, who have washed their robes in the blood of the victorious Lamb, having being through and overcome the test of the great tribulation (Rev 7:13-17).

Here is the communion of the saints of Heaven who join the saints of the earth (Rev 14:1), those who feed on Jesus as their daily Bread, He who is the Substance of the Father, He who gives His sons His Spirit which is the essence of the Father’s will (Lk 11: 2-4).

Nothing is lacking and nothing will lack for the beloved sons of God, for those who will come to the Altar of the world, welcoming Christ and unclothing of their self to be covered by His Light, the Light that shines in the Land of Love (Jn 8:12), to brighten the darkness that envelopes the world (Jn 1:5), where all lights are fading more and more, where so many no longer yearn to receive the Bread of Life (Jn 6:35), but where iniquity exhales its last breath to sink ever more.

Disorder reigns supreme (1Cor 6: 9-10) in the world that has voluntarily wanted to move away from the right path (Jn 14:6), losing itself in many enticements, in so many sins and in many dreadful things against nature.

The Heavenly Jerusalem is alive and holy (Rev 2:1-4). Here is God’s most beautiful Work, shaped by the hands of the Creator, He who is good, humble and holy, merciful and upright (Ps 115:5). In God’s Dwelling Place, holiness is and will be sovereign; order is and will be alive; Love circulates and will circulate more and more (Jn 13:35).

The Cradle of Baby Jesus is the Tabernacle of God, placed in the centre of His City, which will radiate Light and Holiness (Rev 21:22-23).

Here is the Body, the mystical Body of Christ which is “Church” (Rm 12:5), where God’s Heart beats: a pure and holy heartbeat that gives Life (Eph 2:19-22).

Here is the essence and substance of those who want to live and feed on the Body of Christ, the only supreme Good, the only primary Good, in order to be holy and to allow many to be holy, to take action and to proclaim, to profess and to win (Ps 19:6), so as the victory will be for Christ and His faithful sons, so that Christ may increasingly manifest Himself as the King of Life, Lord and God (Jn 15:1-8).

Here is the adoration of Christ in Spirit and Life (Jn 6:63) that takes place on God’s Holy Mountain (Ez 20:40). And every word proclaimed becomes concrete, takes shape and essence. And every written word comes true.

Christ, the Son of the living God, will neglect nothing but will complete everything in order to fully accomplish the will of the Father, who has enclosed and deposited His will in His Land of Love, so that the Work of Love and Redemption may advance to be completed in fullness. “To You Holy Father we offer every prayer said in this Cradle (Is 56:7), so to please You, so that the Light of Christ may even more rise and win, and Your breath of Life may give relief and certainty, for those who trust in You, for those who want to live in You and for those who want to win in You” (Rev 5:5).