Lord have Mercy


The hard and difficult times revealed by Jesus to his Maiden (Booklet “The New Jerusalem, Land of Love“, p. 19) are now upon us. The time has come for many to implore the Father’s mercy (Psalm 66:2): too many innocents, too many children, women and men who are in thrall of hatred and violence, unwittingly caught up in geopolitical, economic, and military strategies pursued by those who are clouded by the hatred of God’s enemy, who wants to destroy everything and everyone, starting with Christianity, wanting to erase even its very memory.

The world has bowed down before hatred, casting charity aside (1 Cor 13:1-4, 13), which should and must be the only lever to raise again this sick and unrighteous world. Everything is in charity (1Cor 16:14): there is no weakness in it, but rather inner and spiritual strength, so to resort, with docility and balance – but above all with clear-headedness – to every available lever to stand against war and to prioritize the lives of the least ones in every policy and action.

Here it is that the cries of the innocent increasingly reach the Father’s Heart (Jer 2.34).

Likewise, the cries of those who would want to defend themselves from the attacks of all those who have become apostates and unfaithful (Deut 13:1-6) reach His Heart. Few are those who have kept the faith, who have rediscovered the true faith, loved and are loving the true faith, amidst a world that cries out in hatred, incites to war, lives to die but above all to cause countless innocents to die.

Here is the blood of many martyrs cleansing this Earth. And here is the action of the Father’s infinite Justice, which will increasingly expose the ungratefulness, the disrespect, the presumptuousness and the haughtiness of those (Rev 17:7) who should have loved the Truth, defended the Name of the true God and been living agents of the one faith that saves.

The Father has once again sent a part of his Heart (Acts 1:11), his Divine Spirit (Jn 15:26), into the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus, in order to restore this arid and bewildered humanity. And the Father finds solace in this Little Cradle, in those who love Him, in the prayers of his true sons, in those who have kept the true faith: that prophesied Little Remnant of the Israel of God (Is 10:20-23), Little Remnant of the Heart of the Father (Rom 9:14-25) who will never apostatise from the true and authentic teachings of the Master, the Saviour, the only-begotten Son of God. For the sake of this Little Remnant and of those who now wish to join this Little Remnant in the Name of the One and Triune God, in the Name of the true God, the Father will now increase His Justice (Ps 111:9), which will be poured out on those who have manifestly renounced the true faith (2 Th 2:3). Upon Sodom and Gomorrah, the Father sent down his Holy Fire from Heaven (Gen 19:24). For many, this continues to be a legend, for the sons of God it will be the fulfilment of what is written in the Holy Scriptures, where the harlot will no longer be (Rev 19:2) and those who do not want to be associable with her sins and receive part of her scourges, are invited to come out of Babylon (Rev 18:4), she who is drunk with the blood of her saints and martyrs (Rev 17:6).

No one can impudently trifle with what belongs to God and with his true faith. The Father’s Spirit will further reveal the indolence of a house that once was and now no longer is, a house that has betrayed its mandate and its moral and spiritual values; a house whose inhabitants have traded and continue to trade with the hearts of the sons of God, trading even themselves, casting aside those they deemed unworthy and those who have become burdens and obstacle to their trades (Rev 17:8-18).

God the Father Almighty sees everything and has the power to do everything. And as Judge, the Father will expose the incomprehensions that exist inside that house, the backbites, the negligence, the faithlessness, the satanism, the incoherency, and the hypocrisy that dominates it (Rev 18:2). And every word they uttered will backfire (Rev 18:3), for the time of the Father’s Wrath has come (Ps 55:8; Ps 58:14) and will strike down upon those who have become stumbling blocks for the Son of God and His Work.