Restored in heart to ascend in Mary


Baby Jesus came down to the New Jerusalem to draw all people to Himself and to restore their hearts (Mt 11:28). Mary, She who has been able to welcome Him into Her Heart, invites us by the Father’s grace to pass through Her Motherly Heart in order to be purified and restored in our hearts, to be able to love God with all our strength (Mt 22:37) and to ascend, in Mary, with Mary and for Mary.

By entrusting themselves to Mary, every son will be able to experience in heart, the Sign of the Living Restoration (Revelation to MGN, “You are never alone”, 28/Oct/1985), so to be able to ever more enter the Mystery of the New Jerusalem, grafted onto the Tree of Life (Rev 22:14) which leads everyone to live the Eternal Father.

May the Restoration of heart be, for every son, the Source of Life and the inexhaustible Source of God’s Love that penetrates and digs into the hearts allowing them to be reborn to new Life (Jn 3:3); the Life promised by the Father that unfolds towards His sons to show them His intimate Will of Father, of Son and of Holy Spirit, so that they may live every day, only and solely to meditate, to know and to definitively fulfil God’s Will, which is fully manifested in the Land of Love.

The spirit of the Restoration (Acts 3:21) must lead every son of God to live more and more the Spirituality of the Mystery of God, so to be able to understand Him, to embody ever more the virtues of the Child God, to be ever more in the image and likeness of He who Is (Gen 1:26) and to live the true Love (Jn 15:12), who is holy and just, alive and complete (Rom 8:35).

The Mother Church wants to infuse in the heart of every son, the awareness of what is lived, so that every son of Mary may be strong, holy and truthful; and all God’s Holy People may grow more and more and manifest themselves in Wisdom and Witness (Ps 48:4), to be one Body and one Soul (Eph 4:4) beating in the one Heart, with the one Heart, for the one Heart, who is Father, is Son and is Holy Spirit.

Restored in heart, in Mary, with Mary and for Mary, the sons will be able to contemplate and live the time of the “Marian Ascension”, so to experience the full communion of heart, of soul and spirit with Mary, the assumed to Heaven, She who, by becoming Handmaid of her Lord (Lk 1:38) and dying to the world and to sin, has been crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth, Coredemptrix of her sons (Pontifical Decree “In Mary, with Mary, for Mary“, 22/Dec/2019).

Grafted in Mary to become one with her Immaculate Heart, the sons of God will overcome all that is evil and sin, in order to fully live in an eternal day of Love and Light, Spirit and Life (Jn 6:63), and to live already from now as risen in Christ, with Christ and for Christ (Rev 20:6).