Rise up and go, your faith has saved you


The Little Cradle of the Child Jesus is God’s Dwelling Place among men (Rev 21:3). Here is where God has spread his Tent, as He announced and promised to His faithful sons. Here is the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), long-awaited and now increasingly being manifested to the hearts of all the sons of God and of all those who are free from human bias and animated by good will.

To all those who already dwell and those who will come with faith to this Dwelling Place will be said: “Rise up and go, your faith has saved you” (Lk 17:19), for many are those who will come here seeking Mercy. Recognising themselves as sinners, they will hear the sweet Voice of the Master who will heal their bodies (Lk 17:15-16) and their hearts, just as He did at that time.

Many who are considered to be the last in Society will be the first (Lk 13:30) and will inherit this Earth (Mt 5:5) that has been mistreated by human negligence but now rebels ever more and trembles and causes tremors among those who consider themselves invincible.

The sons of God will fearlessly move forward, confident and certain of the living Nearness and Presence of He who saves (Ps 22:4).

The time has come, and it is now, at which only on this Holy Mountain God is worshipped in Spirit and Truth (Jn 4:21-23) to achieve true Life. The spirit of Elijah will challenge once again the false priests who have abjured the true faith, since the time has come for the manifestation of the true and only faith, becoming very fruitful for the sons of God (1Kgs 18:21-40). And many in the world will be shocked and astonished at the manifestation of the Mystery of iniquity and at the iniquity of many unfaithful doers.

God’s sheep will come back in ever growing number, with a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness, to the one Fold willed by the Father to gather all his sons under the one Shepherd (Ez 37:24) who gives Life.

In the New Jerusalem there is the one only Sun (Is 60:1) that has risen to keep the sons of God on the right path. This is the Father’s Thought towards which everyone is now called on to converge. As long as people persist in wanting to understand God’s logic through human logic, their hearts will stray from the only Way (Jn 14:6) that leads to Salvation. Many Christians need a bath of humility in order to welcome the essence of the true Spirit who advances in history: not as humanity expects but as God will want to manifest His living action (Prov 16:1), of Mercy (Mt 5:7; Lk 1:54) and Justice (Mt 5:6; Lk 18:7).