The Holy Balance of the sons of God


The sons of God live their faith in Christ the Lord (Lk 8:50) with Love, Passion and Holy Balance: the Right and Holy Balance that, on one hand, drives away all forms of fanaticism and, on the other, helps to consistently and authentically manifest the true Life (Jn 8:12) that is fulfilled in the Holy Family (Mt 1:16).

This is the holy and right way to live the spirituality of the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus, for those who from time already live it and also for all those who, arriving in the Land of Love in even greater numbers, will live it, so that everyone may experience the real freshness of living the true, authentic and holy faith, where no obligations (Acts 15:28) or feelings contrary to Love, can and shall enter any heart (Mt 22:37-40), and no disquiet can or will be (Jn 14:1,27).

In full freedom, the sons of God will live everything and everyone (Jn 8:32), although keeping alive the only bond that every son must preserve: the holy respect for the Master of the House (Dt 5:6-10).

In the New Jerusalem, no one should ever feel judged by his brother, but rather all should be able to feel themselves in the presence of God and feel that Holy Fear (Gen 28:17) that leads all for Love, to do what is good and not what is evil. In the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), all God’s sons must fully understand the meaning, the approach and the distinction between “fear” and “reverential Awe”; between “obligation” and “Freedom”; between “heaviness” and “Lightness”, so that living the New Jerusalem may be “the” Life for everyone (Jn 14:6), just as Jesus bestowed it upon His sons through His Return to the Land of Love (Acts 1:11).

Living the New Jerusalem must be for everyone the Breath, the Holy Breath (Is 42:5) that gives them that new air which is Spirit, which regenerates the hearts within (Jn 3:3-8); and not that breath that brings to feel the “obligation” to go, to stay, to come, but the breath of Freedom that allows the sons of God to live the Jerusalem being free from any constraint, free to live the Holy City whenever they want, whenever they can and, certainly, as much as they can, without any lace except that of the embrace that binds the sons to the arms of the Master: the embrace of Love from Heart to heart that regenerates the spirit and allows every soul that yearns for its Lord, to breathe (Ps 41:2; 62:2), and, purified of all sin and all that is worldly, desires only to experience the Holy Communion with He who is Life, experiencing every moment in God’s grace (Lk 1:28), fleeing sin and every temptation, in order to remain pure and holy, desiring only to hear and to put into practice the Commands of the Lord (Ps 118:15., Who speaks to every son from Heart to heart; so that every son who comes and lives the New Jerusalem may exclaim: “Speak Lord; for your son is listening” (1Sam 3:10; Jn 15:15).