The Transfiguration of God’s sons


Jesus came down from Heaven (Acts 1:11) into the Valley of Love, to manifest Himself in plenitude, so that His sons might fully learn and understand the action of His Spirit, the action of His living Presence in the midst of His people (1Cor 12:3), to mould them and make them become Rocks: one entity (Jn 17:21), in the anchor of Salvation, to keep Christianity alive, which will increasingly manifest itself in the essence and substance of those who, fighting the spiritual warfare between Good and evil, have preserved and will preserve faith (2Tim 4:7) in the one Lord, in the one Master.

Here is the Transfiguration of the sons of God in the Presence of Heaven (Mt 17:2), that is manifested in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), to make it clear that the more we surrender ourselves to the Spirit, the more we soar, we ascend, we live to be unburdened and holy in the Light; and in the Presence of the Son of God, to be worthy of bearing the Name of He who is (Rev 1:8).

In the Land of Love, the Father gives His certainty, that certainty that must be in His sons permeating them in plenitude, so that they may be alive, strong and holy (1Cor 16:13), just as the sons of God must be, in order to be help and balm for the world, support and shelter for wayfarers, to be a point of destination, as a sign of the Father’s Heart for those who want to find shelter and refreshment, in soul and spirit (Mt 11:29).

This is the time to be new and renewed, to manifest all that Heaven has over time and betimes transmitted through the New Jerusalem, to be ready to wipe out our former self (Rom 6:6; Eph 4:22; Col 3:9) and to be transfigured in our innermost being, to transmit the meekness in spirit to everyone (Is 1:9) so that they, imitating the new Christians, may look up to Heaven and ask Heaven to obtain this Transfiguration, which the little Cradle of the Child Jesus will increasingly manifest towards a world that uglifies more and more, where men are increasingly becoming brutes, similar to beasts (Tit 1:12) and no longer sons.

The sons (Jn 1:12;) are those who want and will continue to drink and live the Spirit of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (1Jn 3:1), those who have accepted and will accept the will of the Father (Mt 7:21), who sent the Son to renew this arid and bewildered humanity. The sons of the New Jerusalem will find a place in the only Tent (Rev 7:15) where God dwells and will dwell with his chosen ones.

Here is the People of God (Is 1:9), that is being constituted and will increasingly be constituted from the foundations (Heb 11:10), from the roots, to be renewed in heart in fullness.

This living Transfiguration will completely strengthen the sons, so that they may go beyond every trial, beyond every weakness, beyond the limits of their humanity (Jas 1:12), in order to be and to consist in the Spirit and in the Life (Jn 6:63), for nothing and no one will be able to stop their action, their thoughts, because the will of the new Christians is one and solely to accomplish the Will of the Father (Mt 6:9-10), so that the Immaculate Heart of Mary may triumph and win (Gen 3:15; Lk 1:49).