The virtues of the inhabitants of the Holy City


Those who have understood the essence and the substance of the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), the City of God where God Himself has established His Dwelling Place among men, must incarnate the virtues therein contained, in order to authentically be and manifest themselves as the sons of Christ (Jn 1:12), His disciples, His bearers of Peace and Holiness, so that many, recognising the new Christians, may acknowledge the Master, the One who alone teaches how to love: to love the Life, to love the Spirit (Jn 6:63), to love our neighbour, so that by loving our neighbour as ourselves, Love may spontaneously circulate amongst all hearts giving everyone the opportunity to be able to live in holiness, in harmony and in Peace; and not in war, in violence and in oppression.

At the time of Jesus, the emblem of the fish (Jn 21:9-10) was the sign of the first Christians, of the first Christian Community (Acts 2:48). By this symbol, Christians were recognisable and made themselves known as believers in the Messiah, in that Man-God who came, who spoke them a new language: the language of Love (Jn 13:34), so that everyone could be faithful and in solidarity with that Love. That symbol was drawn, engraved and carved in various homes, caves and places: it was the sign of recognition for those who wanted to find their brothers, to be with their brothers, to be able to share with their brothers that daily Bread, which was the Word of Jesus, his living and total Love, essential and substantial nourishment for those who wanted to live and be in communion of heart, soul and spirit with his Most Sacred Heart.

Again in these times, the new Christians are called upon to live that same essence and substance, which leads to live the life of every day in a simple but substantial way. The new Christians are called today to be “the” sign of recognition of God’s Friendship with men; the sign and bond of the union between them and “the” Master (Mt 23:10), so that the new Christians, “the fish of God’s Love” may entice other hearts, and by listening, watching and taking example from the new Christians, many may be confident of entering in harmony with the Master, with Jesus, the Master of Life and Master of Love.

Only in this way, through their deeds and works, by living as believing Christians and showing themselves as credible people, in their behaviour and example, it is possible to repel the wicked tongues (Ps 9:28), the evil thoughts that many may have (Ps 63:9), for being in the grip of what is old and of a sick and corrupted world.

Only in this way, will the new Christians become ever stronger and holier (Mt 5:48), firstly within themselves and then by strengthening others in heart and spirit, so that the new Christians may feel humanly invincible even in their will (Mt 6:10; Jn 6:40), overcoming what is worldly and sinful in order to belong solely and exclusively to God and to be emanation and manifestation of Him,  bringing back to the centre of the world of goodwill the Love, Christ the Love, the only Love that is Salvation (Is 12:2) and will lead this humanity to return to the Garden of God (Gen 2:8), where the Father will return to live in harmony with His sons and where men will live as true brothers in the Peace that will be stable over all the Earth (Ez 36:35).