Glorious Saint Joseph, help us,
for the victory and triumph of the Infant Jesus


St Joseph is the Guardian of Christianity and the Patron Saint of the Universal Church. It was St Joseph who safeguarded the Son of the living God, He who is the Way, the Truth and Life (Jn 14:6). The spirit of St Joseph is alive and present, giving us, his sons, his Guardianship and his Love, the same Love he bestowed upon the Child Jesus and Mary, She whom the Father by grace entrusted to him (Mt 1:20-21).

In the Little Cradle – the Cradle of the Child Jesus, the Cradle of Christianity – the sons of the Mother Church experience the Fatherhood and the living and complete Closeness of the Holy Patron (Eph 3:14-16), the Guardian of the second and last Grotto of the manifestation of the Son of God on Earth.

Here is the vivid awareness of the total Guardianship of true faith in He who can do all (Sir 15:18), in He who has once again been sent by the Father to reign eternally together with His sons, brothers and friends (Rev 22:5). Those who welcome the Son of God are “sons” and “brothers” (Lk 8:21); those who do not welcome Him remain “creatures” and God’s grace does not dwell in them.

St Joseph, Holy and Righteous Man, bowed down to thank the Father for the call of grace he received: to guard his sons in the only-begotten Son (Jn 1:14), so that now, as then, anyone who comes to the Little Cradle may feel protected and loved, understood and served by his Love of Father and Guardian.

Joseph’s Rod blossomed (Lk 1:27); and that Rod continues to display the fragrance of holiness to everyone (Ez 20:37).

At that time, St Joseph, with a lively spirit of service, accompanied the humble Maiden who carried in her womb the Son of God (Mt 1:24-25), She who is the Mother of all peoples. St Joseph welcomed the Newness brought to Him by Heaven (Lk 2:16), albeit amid the harshness and hostility of a surrounding closed-minded situation prey to a human power that presumed and claimed to know Heaven but actually trampled underfoot the Law of God (Mt 15:7-9), used by them as a heavy yoke to crush the little ones and as a means to increase the power of the mighty.

Now the world is reliving that same condition, being now in the grip of lovelessness and indifference towards the Person of Jesus, His Law and His Teachings (Mk 7:6). And those who should have guarded and defended that Love and those timeless and eternal Teachings, have apostatised from the true faith (2Ts 2:3).

Here is the example given to us again today by the Glorious Saint Joseph, the One who stands up in defence of the Child Jesus and Christianity (Jer 51:36-37), the Sacredness of Life and the Sacredness of the Family formed and founded on the Union of a Man with a Woman (Mt 19:4-5), the Union that generates Life (1Jn 1:1), given to humanity out of Love.

Behold this Mother Church, which has been born to guard Christianity (1Cor 12:27), that once again commends itself and relies on the Protection of the Glorious Saint Joseph.

Guided by his Rod and motivated by the example, courage, ardour, constancy and temperance of the Glorious Saint Joseph, the sons of God offer their life and their daily existence to the Almighty Father (Ps 30:25), so that his Will may be fulfilled in Heaven and on Earth (Mt 6:10), in order to burn away all impurities and bestow Light and Love, Peace and Holiness upon his sons, so that Good may triumph and Evil may succumb, in Christ and in Mary (Rev 22:12-15). And so be it.