The Universal Christian Church
of the New Jerusalem



The “Universal Christian Church of New Jerusalem” has been established on October 4, 2015, in accordance with God’s Will and with the laws in force. Samuele, on October 7, 2015, day of his election as Pontiff of this Church, has consecrated his ministry and this same Church to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Holy Virgin of the Rosary and Queen of Victories.

This Church was born as the final fulfillment of the Father’s project of Salvation for humanity and because of men’s betrayal to the Spirit of the Father, by denying His actions and His presence. The Spirit of the Father, which is in Jesus Christ, has not been accepted. The Holy Spirit has been deliberately betrayed, to worship an opposite spirit, enemy of God. Those who should have guarded the Vineyard of God, have instead looted and sold It off.

Over the last centuries, the Father has sent forth His humble Messengers who, through the Holy Spirit and the intervention of the Mother of God, have prophesied and warned the Christian leaders of the need to change course, abandoning sin and returning to live Holiness. Despite these admonishments, men have arrived to voluntarily and deliberately betray the Father’s Spirit.

In His infinite mercy, God the Almighty Father, through His Son, has once again sent the Holy Spirit so that the Truth of Christ may reign in every heart to give them eternal Life. Through the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, the Father reestablishes His New Covenant, timeless and everlasting, for the benefit of those who want to live the true childhood in Christ and those who are animated by good-will.


The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is born and lives to bring humanity back to living the authentic spirit of Christianity and, consequently, to bring all men and women of good-will to live the original Thought of the Father.