The live action of the Holy Spirit
in the Church of Christ


The Holy Spirit is alive and manifests His Light in the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem. Christ, Light for all the people, enlightens the path of His sons and again radiates His Light, so to warm the hearts and to lead the hearts of His sons and of all men and women of goodwill, to the live and deep knowledge of this Church, Mother Church, New Jerusalem.

In this Land is proclaimed the Word of Jesus, the absolute Truth that in Christ is revealed. Christ is the only Word confirming the Masterpiece of the Father, His Masterpiece for all humanity, for all those who want to be saved, for all those who want to be victorious on death and for all those who want and will want to remain tied to the one and only Doctrine, that is Christ [see: Magisterium of the Church, 21/Nov/2017], the only Son of God, and to the action of the Holy Spirit.

The live action of the Holy Spirit infuses, in the hearts of God’s sons, the certainty of the Father’s Love, the certainty of His live Love and the certainty that they will always feel His closeness and His presence at their side, so that the sons of God, supported and spurred by His live Love, can firmly rise and make understand the essence and substance of this Church: wanted by the Father for the sake of His sons and enshrined by the motherly care of the Mary’s Love, who does not abandon and will never abandon any penitent son and every faithful son that wants to continue to live in Truth, in the One and Only Truth, so that each heart may continue to help, comfort and spur their brothers.

Here is the true brotherhood that from this Land, from this Church, will never set. Enmity is not part of this House. This House is the only friendship, the only Alliance Covenant between brothers, between sons and between Father and sons, that recognize His paternity and honour Him in essence and substance.

«All those who deny the live action of the Holy Spirit, His live presence in history, His being Light, are denying the Masterpiece of the Father. They are not worthy to live the spirituality of the Church of Christ. And this is why the darnel is again thrown into the fire so that it can no longer harm the Father’s House, the sons of God and all those who, in their worshiping the Son, Jesus, the Saviour, are honouring the Father. Away! Far from this Land, you who have rejected the friendship of the Father to be friends with those who dishonour what belongs to the Father».

Through the Father’s help, the sons of God will manifest themselves as branches of the Holy Vine (Joh 15:5). Through the help of the Holy Spirit, the sons of Christ will manifest themselves as the holy fruits of the Father’s Love that, in this Land, in this Church, in the one and only Spirit, wants to restore to the people of God, the freedom to believe, to obey and to love the only Father, the King of Heaven and Earth, the Creator of all things, so that everything may be fulfilled and the power of the Father may be manifested (Rom 9:1-33).

«Sons of God! Give flavour to the live Loyalty that from this Land radiates and rises to cross every human boundary, that has been placed by those who have gone against God so to impede the understanding of the Truth. The whole Truth (Joh 16:13) will manifest itself from this Land, so to bring the knowledge to all those who do not want to open their eyes; so to bring the knowledge to all those who do not want to hold the Father’s Law; so to bring the full knowledge to all those who want to deny the action of Mary and of Her Son».

«Every honour and glory to the One who has created all things (Rev 4:11). Every honour and glory to Christ, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords (Rev 17:14; 19:16). In this Church, by means of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the praise to the Father and to the Son is alive and holy».

The live action of the Holy Spirit blows in the hearts of His sons, to make them ever more be the essence and substance of the Father’s live presence and to engrave in their hearts the live feeling of Joy, Peace, Sincerity and Love, and to make everyone live, in Truth, the kingship of Christ, the Light for all people, so that all those who have lost the Way, which is Christ, may repent and, through their filial abandonment to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Daughter, Bride and Faithful Mother, may gain eternal Life.