The Spirit of the Father, that dwells in the Land of Love, invites His children: «Come and quench your thirst at the Font of the living water»

The Little Cradle of Baby Jesus is the Tabernacle of the Father. In the Land of Love, the Spirit of the Father is alive. The Spirit speaks to the hearts of His children, to the heart of the holy people of God, to the heart of those who have remained and that want to remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ the Savior. Thelittle remnant of Israel, preannounced by the Sacred Scripture (see: “The shout of love of the “Little remnant of Israel) is called to keep the Flame of the Father’s Love alive.

From the Land of Love, the voice of the Father’s Spirit speaks to the hearts of His children and says:

«People of God, little remnant of Israel, transmit the Light of Christ the Savior».

«Children of the living God, transmit the Light that from this Cradle, Land of Love, radiates the streets of the world, so that the Light may move the darkness back, so that, through your testimony, the Sun of God may enlighten and warm the hearts. Illuminate the hearts of those who live in the dark, of those who are imprisoned in the dark. And warm the hearts of those who suffer for the coldness of the world; warm the hearts to remove the poison that the world continues to inject into them».

The live and holy Christianity is the antidote to fight the poison of the world. The true Christianity, made of simple and concrete gestures, made of essence and substance, removes the false Christianity made only of appearance that would want to advance in its impurity and impunity. The Father’s Spirit has accepted the appeal of His children, and Babylon will increasingly experience the omnipotence of God. From Babylon there will be weeping and wailing, that will not be heard or satisfied by the Heart of the Father. All what is putrid, will fall.

The children of this Mother Earth, of this Land of Love that has welcomed and welcomes all those that the Spirit of the Father sends, will be increasingly manifested as prolific fruit of the living and intense Love of the Spirit of the Father. The Father will listen and receive the voice of His faithful children.

«People of God, make the world hear your voice, your song of praise to your Lord, the King of kings, the One who saves and ties».

«Children of God, renew this humanity in its intimate, so that every heart from sinner may become a burning Christian and witness of the remission of sins in this Land. All that is left in this Land with ardor, live will and sincerity, will be given back from this Land of Love. A heart. A new, purified and renewed heart in the Love of God. The White Island, where the purity of faith is alive, gives the spiritual lightness and the awareness of returning to the Straight Way, on the Master Road, that is Jesus Christ, the Master, the Savior, the only Savior of the world».

In the New Jerusalem, the breath of the Holy Spirit, that is alive and uninterrupted, penetrates the hearts to purify and ignite the living Flame that brings many children on the Straight Way; that leads the observant children to live the true Christianity, and leads to a spiritual growth and complete maturity.

In the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, people are immersed in the Font of the Holy Spirit, to be clothed by the Light that is Christ, to be cleansed and purified; and to return to shine of His infinite Love, to receive part of His gifts, to live Heaven.

In the House given to the children by the Father, the wind of God blows, to distance those who are not worthy to live His House; and it blows so that the praises, the songs, the prayers that come from this unique Heart, the Heart of the Mystical Body that is Church, can fill the Valley and reach all the distant hearts.

In the New Jerusalem an only cry of Love rises and arrives to the Father’s Heart, that with Love, Goodness and total closeness, welcomes and gives His paternity again. The Merciful and Just Father, never departs from His faithful children, that live the Father’s Love and donate themselves for Him.

«Children of the New Jerusalem, do today, as John the Baptist did, the greatest man born from a woman.
Invite the hearts to know the Spirit of Christ, that is alive in the Tabernacle of the Father.
Invite the hearts to recognize the Spirit of Christ and to put His teachings in practice.
Invite the hearts to return to live the essence and the substance of the Gospel so that the Holy Spirit who finds Joy, Peace, Sincerity and Love in the hearts, may wash sins and give all Himself in Truth, in order that every heart may increasingly Love the Father and Mary, the Eternal Maiden, She, who for the Work of the Holy Spirit has once again given back what Christianity wished and waited for. Rejoice, children of Mary, New Jerusalem. The Father has heard your appeal. The Christian resurgence begins».

The dark and the darkness are advancing in Babylon and all what was previously concealed now becomes more and more manifested. Without the presence of God’s Spirit, that has been deliberately betrayed and that the Father has withdrawn, the foundations of what was previously His house and now is no longer, are destined to collapse. The columns of that house will fall one after the other. That house that has voluntarily betrayed the Holy Spirit to worship the spirit of the enemy of God, has become a nest of vipers, a cloaca of impurities, a home where the abomination of desolation reigns supreme (see: Dn 9:27; 10:11; 11:31; Mt 24:15; Mc 13:14).

The netherworld will never prevail over the Church of Christ (Mt 16:18). And the Church of Christ is the House in which the Holy Spirit dwells, the House with which the Father has renewed His Holy Covenant, where the Father has established His Dwelling. Here is the New Jerusalem, awaited and announced and that now IS.

In the House that the Father has given to His children, the Holy Spirit is alive. Everything revolves around the Spirit of God, the fruitful Spirit, the living Spirit that no man can ever stop, guide or silence. God’s Spirit guides His children and those who are animated by the good will to acknowledge His presence, so to lead everyone to the Father’s Heart, and to make triumph the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

«Come, you who are fatigued and oppressed (Mt. 11:28). Quench your thirst at the Font of the Living Water (Rev. 21:6). You will be welcomed without being asked of anything. Come and eat. Come and drink. (Jn. 6:33-35). The Holy Spirit is ready to restore the heart of God’s children. The Holy Spirit is ready to welcome, purify, restore and sanctify the heart of every man and woman who, animated by good will, is seeking the Truth».

«O all of you who are in search of the true God, do not listen to the siren song of the world. Do not listen to false preachers who say they do good but in reality they do evil. The tree is judged by the fruits (Mt 7: 15-20). Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem invites all those who seek the Truth and says: “Come and see”. (Jn. 1:39) ».