The fullness of the time of Christ’s action


Jesus is the Way, the Truth and Life (Jn 14:6), the Light for everyone (Jn 8:12), the King and Judge of this world (Is 33:22).

The Light has come down again into the world (Acts 1:11) but men have not recognised It (Jn 3:19).

Those who, now as then, want to meet the Light, are to bow their heads (Ps 50) and to come to the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus so to welcome the Light of Christ, his Love, his Peace.

Those who want to receive again his Light are to unclothe of their self to thus be clothed with his Light (Phil 2:5-8).

Those who want to be saved again are to ask to be saved, embracing Christ and renouncing Satan and sin, putting hence themselves in the right condition to receive Christ’s eternal Forgiveness, his infinite Embrace of Love (Jn 3:16).

Listen, you all, to the Voice of the Spirit rising from the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus, His Dwelling Place (Rev 21:3), where the Father rests, living in the Son and manifesting Himself in the Holy Spirit, in their accomplished and concrete Action.

The world must understand that the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus is the Way traced by God the Father Almighty to achieve Salvation. There are no other ways. Jesus asks us to open our hearts and accept this request of Love. Jesus makes Himself a beggar for Love to then, as Judge, come down to judge the world (Jesus’ Revelation to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, “The Year One of the New Era” 31 December 1994).

The Son of Man comes to gather and unite those who, once saved, can join Heaven, which is alive in this Land of Love; and also to discard all those who have humiliated the Action of the Holy Spirit, twisting It and denying It; and all those who have exploited His faith; all those who have commodified the faith in Him; all those who have set themselves above the one Law of the Father (Mt 25), which is carved with fire by His Love, in the New Jerusalem (Ez 36:26-28).

Just as the branch not grafted into the Vine will be severed and thrown away (Jn 15:6), so it will be for the barren fig tree (Mt 21:19). And so it will be for those who have wanted to detach themselves from the Dwelling Place of God not having wanted to understand It or to welcome It or to approach It in order to see It, even though having It at hand. They will be the first. Then the Action of the Spirit will spread everywhere, so that the Lightning may cut (Rev 14:14) and definitively divide the weeds from the wheat (Mt 13:30), the good fruit from the rotten fruit, so that the Holy Harvest, the Harvest of the last time, may be fruitful but, above all, pure from every stain and from every sin.

Thanks to the martyrdom of many (Jesus’ Revelation to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, “To die in order to live, to lose in order to gain“, 24 March 1985), those who, even being far away, are willing to make every sacrifice out of love for the One and Triune God, in order to set foot in the Land blessed by the Father (Rev 21:2), will be welcomed and refreshed by the only-begotten Love that gives Life.

This is God’s will, which is being fulfilled in the New Jerusalem in the fullness of these times (Eph 1:10).