Embrace of Love

Embrace of Love (Abbraccio d’Amore) So much time has passed since the first time we met, on that sunny day, that embrace of Love. I see and I feel myself still walking this journey towards the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus. Among serene smiles, songs and prayers, I didn’t know where I was, [...]

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Let’s go brothers

Let’s go brothers (Andiamo fratelli) Lyrics by F.A. Refrain: Let’s go brothers to the White Island, Let's go with joy, Jesus invites us. Let's go with Love in our heart; Let's go with faith, Jesus awaits us. As stars, we form a crown, to the One who gave His Life for us, He [...]

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Many thanks Jesus

Many thanks Jesus (Mille grazie Gesù) Refrain: Many thanks, many thanks, Jesus for all the things You have given us Fifty years have passed by, that little girl has grown with You; You chose Her as a little child You called Her to speak of You. Ref. In the years that have passed, [...]

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A Spring Day

A Spring Day (Un Giorno di primavera) Lyrics by F.A. For You, dear Baby Jesus, who descended while sleeping, the world shines. A little white cloud in the Sky was Cradling You and led You to me, while I was playing alone in the garden. What infinite joy! I thought of surprising my [...]

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Way to Heaven

Way to Heaven (Strada del Cielo) Lyrics by F.A. In this valley underneath a blue sky, while a Sweet little Girl was waiting for You to initiate a great Mystery, You came down from Heaven, Baby Jesus. In the blink of an eye, the whole valley was illuminated by a light of the [...]

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The New Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem (La Nuova Gerusalemme) Lyrics by F.A. Refrain: Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the New Jerusalem.  I have His Words engraved in my heart not by chance did He descend as a tiny baby near an olive tree where today an encounter of love awaits us, with joy and sorrow, with You, my [...]

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Praises to the Highest

Praises to the Highest (Le lodi dell’Altissimo) It's been a long time now, as You see, many hearts love You now Your family grows in this Cradle, And Here now, the new Kingdom is born! This is Heaven in the midst of us, The new Land offered to Your sons, thanks to the [...]

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Blessed Hope

Blessed Hope (Beata Speranza) In this Heavenly Cradle, You spoke to my heart of a celestial life that you want to bring Here on Earth, and of Your transfigured Love that renews the world where we'll freely run without the burden of sin. I feel no more sadness, no more pain in my [...]

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Thank You Mom

Thank You Mom (Grazie Mamma) How great is Your Love, Mary, Mother of Jesus and my Mother too. I learned to rediscover the Lord at Your holy school of Love. Refrain: Thank You Mom, because you showed me, below here the Cradle of Your Baby Jesus, Jesus. As a light breath of breeze [...]

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